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“Road to contemporary art “Fair and The Art Radio Roma Art Fair, Roma, Italy, 27th - 30th MAY 2010

“Road to contemporary art “Fair and The Art Radio Roma Art Fair.
26 to 30 may 2010.

Radio and Video as “Hybrid” forms of art experience
In Partnership with Roma Fair “The Road to Contemporary Art” and Radio
ART Fair Roma
18 selected international artists from Dubai Video‘appart.
18 videos artworks by international artists participating in the previous Video’Appart Paris/Dubai have been showcased in Roma concurrently with “Road to contemporary art “Fair and The Art Radio Roma Art Fair.
Video’ Appart, a video art festival and Its unique concept intends to bring
together an experience of conviviality and the appreciation of contemporary art. Video’ Appart fosters a “dynamic sense of exchanges” by a shared experience of art in social settings not restricted to the usual specialized spaces.

Paris – Dubai – Roma. The Road to Video’Appart International Video Art Exhibition
In cooperation with Metropolart Cities & Artists.Artists:

Artisti Ane Lan, Sinasi Günes, José Man Lius, Yun Aiyoung, Carolina Ariza, Sofia Bittebyer, Elizabeth Monoian, Jaanika Peerna, Surekha, Larissa Sansour, Luke Lamborn, Sara Lahti, Raed Issa, Katy Chang, Nada Al Jasmi, Mohammed Al Hawajiri, Lantian Xie.

26 maggio
Ane Lan - America, 2001-2007
Şinasi Gunes - Anatolia, 2006
José Man Lius - Selfportrait 4, 2009
Yun Aiyoung - Floating time


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