27 Kasım 2008 Perşembe

"Carbunari"International Experimental Film Festival, Romania / "Carbunari”Uluslararası Deneysel Film Festivali, Romanya, 2008

On being clandestine
by Agnese Purgatorio (Italy)
AGN nv1V
by Alberto Gallingani (Italy)
Little feet
by Alison Williams (South Africa)
Sacred silence
by Alison Williams (South Africa)
Woman in a Box
by Alison Williams (South Africa)
Undisclosed beauty
by Anders Weberg (Sweden)
Ziua 32
by Andrei Dobrescu (Romania)
Redencao Simulacro, 2008
by Angela Barbour (Brasil)
by Ania Swiatlowska (Poland)
by Antonio Sassu (Italy)
Body in motion
by Asher Barkley (USA)
Close Your Eyes
by Asher Barkley (USA)
by Asher Barkley (USA)
Tina says I should call it Place Holder
by Asher Barkley (USA)
Um so
by Camille Entratice (Belgium)
by Carlo Zannetti (Italy)
6 Lenin !
by CERCULDISPARUT Carmen Mavrea & Ivan Andreevici (Romania)
Homo europaeus typographus sau Cotul lui da Vinci
by CERCULDISPARUT Carmen Mavrea & Ivan Andreevici (Romania)
by CERCULDISPARUT Carmen Mavrea & Ivan Andreevici (Romania)
Black hole
by Daniela Chirion (Romania)
by Daniela Chirion (Romania)
by Daniela Chirion (Romania)
by Daniela Chirion (Romania)
On a Saturday Afternoon
by Daniela Chirion (Romania)
Pulsar I
by Daniela Chirion (Romania)
Pulsar II
by Daniela Chirion (Romania)
by Daniela Chirion (Romania)
by Daniela Chirion (Romania)
Stairway to myself
by Daniela Chirion (Romania)
White Water
by Daniela Chirion (Romania)
by Dean Ebben (USA)
Idegenek (Strangers);
by Derek Michael Besant (Canada)
Frida Kahlo, Nightmare in the Surgical Theatre
by Dragon Dance Theatre (Canada)
The Rehearsal
by Dragon Dance Theatre (Canada)
Il filo dell'ordito
by Fabio Massimo Caruso (Italy)
Lullaby of birdland
by Flame Schon (USA)
Still Tripping
by Flame Schon (USA)
Untitled 1
by Flame Schon (USA)
Untitled 2 w/bug
by Flame Schon (USA)
by Flavio Sciole (Italy)
by Flavio Sciole (Italy)
by Flavio Sciole (Italy)
by Flavio Sciole (Italy)
by Flavio Sciole (Italy)
by Flavio Sciole (Italy)
by Flavio Sciole (Italy)
by Flavio Sciole (Italy)
by Flavio Sciole (Italy)
by Flavio Sciole (Italy)
by Flavio Sciole (Italy)
by Flavio Sciole (Italy)
by Flavio Sciole (Italy)
by Flavio Sciole (Italy)
by Flavio Sciole (Italy)
by Flavio Sciole (Italy)
by Flavio Sciole (Italy)
by Flavio Sciole (Italy)
by Flavio Sciole (Italy)
by Flavio Sciole (Italy)
by Flavio Sciole (Italy)
by Flavio Sciole (Italy)
by Flavio Sciole (Italy)
by Flavio Sciole (Italy)
by Flavio Sciole (Italy)
by Flavio Sciole (Italy)
by Flavio Sciole (Italy)
by Flavio Sciole (Italy)
by Flavio Sciole (Italy)
by Flavio Sciole (Italy)
by Flavio Sciole (Italy)
by Flavio Sciole (Italy)
by Flavio Sciole (Italy)
by Flavio Sciole (Italy)
by Flavio Sciole (Italy)
by Flavio Sciole (Italy)
by Flavio Sciole (Italy)
by Flavio Sciole (Italy)
by Flavio Sciole (Italy)
by Flavio Sciole (Italy)
by Flavio Sciole (Italy)
by Flavio Sciole (Italy)
by Flavio Sciole (Italy)
by Flavio Sciole (Italy)
by Flavio Sciole (Italy)
by Flavio Sciole (Italy)
by Flavio Sciole (Italy)
by Flavio Sciole (Italy)
by Flavio Sciole (Italy)
by Flavio Sciole (Italy)
by Flavio Sciole (Italy)
by Flavio Sciole (Italy)
STIMMATEO 70 (ultimo mondo cannibale);
by Flavio Sciole (Italy)
by Flavio Sciole (Italy)
by Flavio Sciole (Italy)
by Gruppo SINESTETICO (Italy)
No title
by Guillaume Bottazzi (France)
Cars and elevators
by Henry Gwiazda (USA)
Claudia and Paul
by Henry Gwiazda (USA)
There's whispering...
by Henry Gwiazda (USA)
by Ileana Andrea Gomez Gavinoser (Argentina)
Mano... mano
by Ileana Andrea Gomez Gavinoser (Argentina)
by Ileana Andrea Gomez Gavinoser (Argentina)
La Porte 1
by Ivana Cekovic (Luxembourg)
La Porte 2
by Ivana Cekovic (Luxembourg)
La Porte 3
by Ivana Cekovic (Luxembourg)
Maison L
by Ivana Cekovic (Luxembourg)
by Ivana Cekovic (Luxembourg)
Drishti II
by Jen-Kuang Chang (USA)
It was the best of times... it was the worst of times
by Jessica Westbrook (USA)
Singing Silence
by Kevin Evensen (USA)
Winter Magnolia
by Kevin Evensen (USA)
Ancient rythm
by Lane E. Last (USA)
Blip bodhi
by Lane E. Last (USA)
Slow eyes
by Lane E. Last (USA)
12 Night
by Lemeh42 (Italy)
Alice in Wonderland
by Lemeh42 (Italy)
Cerca De Mi
by Lemeh42 (Italy)
Et Dukkenjem
by Lemeh42 (Italy)
Flor De La Alhambra
by Lemeh42 (Italy)
I Know You Are But What Am I
by Lemeh42 (Italy)
Il Silenzio Dell'Amore
by Lemeh42 (Italy)
Per Fare Un Tavolo
by Lemeh42 (Italy)
Study On Human Form and Humanity #01
by Lemeh42 (Italy)
The Kid and the Book
by Lemeh42 (Italy)
by Liu Fan (China)
Impossible garden
by Luca Curci and Fabiana Roscioli (Italy)
Impossible language
by Luca Curci and Fabiana Roscioli (Italy)
Impossible love
by Luca Curci and Fabiana Roscioli (Italy)
by Lucas Schlosinski (Brasil)
h.5.30 p.m.: music lesson
by Lucia Flego (Italy)
by Mario Pischedda (Italy)
by Marta Moreno Munoz (Spain)
by Marta Vosyliute (Lithuania)
The sense of the sea
by Mauricio Mayorga (Columbia)
Dulcineea de Tobosso
by Modesta Lupascu (Romania)
Fractal Univers
by Modesta Lupascu (Romania)
Something to talk about
by Modesta Lupascu (Romania)
Gischtiges Nichts
by monochrom (Austria)
by monochrom (Austria)
by Myriam Bessette (Canada)
by Nadia Perrotta (Italy)
Memories and disorders
by Nadia Perrotta (Italy)
by Nelly-Eve Rajotte (Canada)
by Nelly-Eve Rajotte (Canada)
by Nicolas Bernier (Canada)
Portrait No. 2
by Nicolas Bernier (Canada)
Dance with cigarettes...
by Nijole Valadkeviciute (Lithuania)
Juke Box
by Nijole Valadkeviciute (Lithuania)
Semi sweet
by Nijole Valadkeviciute (Lithuania)
1000 m
by Nils Agdler (Sweden)
Fugitives from the Fields
by Nils Agdler (Sweden)
Tossing game
by Nils Agdler (Sweden)
A diamond Forms Under Pressure
by Ocusonic (Eire)
Apeiron I Peras: Study No. 1
by Phillip Stearns (USA)
by Piotr Nowak (Belgium)
Anoxi: l'integrale
by Robin Dupuis (Canada)
Anoxi: seconde partie
by Robin Dupuis (Canada)
Test Phantom
by Robin Kiteley (UK)
Against the stream
by Silvana Sferza (Italy)
No title
by Silvana Sferza (Italy)
by Silvio De Gracia (Argentina)
13 Waterfalls
by Simona Josan (USA)
Ciorba de cocos
by Simona Josan (USA)
Povestea cu ...
by Simona Josan (USA)
My lovely hats
by Sinasi Gunes (Turkey)

by Stefano Giannotti (Italy)
by Stefano Giannotti (Italy)
by SU-EN Butoh Company (Sweden)
A beach ball from Kyoto
by Suwan Methapisit (Thailand)
III International Videopoetry Festival 2008
by VideoBardo (Argentina)
by Vilella Terra (Brasil)
by Wanda Mihuleac (France)
Dans la peau de la poesie
by Wanda Mihuleac & Bruno Michelet (France)
"en [code] ed II"
by Wilfried Agricola de Cologne (Germany)
One Day on Mars
by Wilfried Agricola de Cologne (Germany)
Timed Out
by Wilfried Agricola de Cologne (Germany) -->

“Turkish Realities" / Çağdaş Fotoğraf ve Video Sanatı “Türkiye Gerçekliği” Sergisi, Frankfurt, Almanya, 2008

Turkish Realities
In cooperation with the Frankfurter Bookfair 2008, Turkey, the Guest of Honour and the Culture Board, Frankfurt am Main, the Fotografie ForumFrankfurt presents “Turkish Realities”, premiering a cross-section of contemporary Turkish photography and video. The artist’s main inspirationtoday tends to come from the bipolar opposites in Turkish society, which are mirrored in the situation of Istanbul itself. This unique metropolishas embodied antagonistic tendencies for hundreds of years: Asia and Europe, tradition and modernism, Islam and Christianity. It is shaped by aconstant state of everyday confrontation between ever-changing elements. Between these two antipodes there are varied positions, which make upthe Turkish realities.ARTISTS: MURAT GERMEN, MERIH AKOGUL, SINASI GUNES, NIL YALTER, ZEKI FAIK IZER, FERHAT ÖZGÜR, HÜSEYIN KARAKAYA, ILKER MAGA, ÖZLEM SULAK, YILDIZ MORAN, PINAR YOLACAN, AKSEL ZEYDAN GÖZ, AHMET POLAT, KORHAN KARAOYSAL UND BURCAK KAYGUN.
The accompanying publication „Turkish Realities. Positions in Contemporary Photography and Video from Turkey“ Kehrer Verlag, Heidelberg, willbe available for purchase at the Fotografie Forum Frankfurt.
Duration: September 13th to October 26th, 2008.
This exhibition is a production of the Fotografie Forum Frankfurt,
curated by P. Celina Lunsford and Necmi Sönmez.
We wish to thank Turkey, the Guest of Honour Frankfurter Bookfair 2008, the Culture Board Frankfurt am Mainand the Hessen Ministry of Science and Art for their support.

Türkiye’den Çağdaş Fotoğraf ve Video Sanatı “Türkiye Gerçekliği” Sergisiyle Frankfurt’ta!Türkiye´nin 2008 Frankfurt Kitap Fuarı´na Onur Konuğu olarak katılım programı kapsamında gerçekleştirilen “Türkiye Gerçekliği” sergisi Modern ve Çağdaş dönem fotoğrafçılarla, video sanatçılarının çalışmalarını 26 Ekim tarihine kadar Fotografie Forum Frankfurt’ta Avrupalı sanatseverlerle buluşuyor.Avrupa’da Türk Fotoğraf Sanatı üzerine düzenlenen ilk önemli grup sergisi niteliğindeki sergi, Türk Toplumu’nun 20. yüzyılda geçirdiği tarihsel, politik, sosyal, ekonomik süreçlerin gündeme getirdiği, sürekli olarak karşıtlıklar üzerinde şekillenmiş “gerçekliklere” fotoğraf sanatçılarının nasıl baktığını sorguluyor. Ve fotoğrafın belgesel özelliklerinin ötesinde, “kavramsal” bakış açısıyla olan ilişkisinden yola çıkarak, tarihsel olmayan bir panorama oluşturmaya çalışıyor.20. yüzyıl başında, imparatorluktan cumhuriyete geçiş döneminde “Doğu-Batı”, Cumhuriyet Döneminde “Geleneksel-Modern”, “Köylü-Şehirli”, 1960′larda ilk askeri darbenin ardından Yeni Anayasa’nın da etkisiyle “Devletçilik-Liberalizm”, 1980′lerde üçüncü askeri darbeyi takiben “Politik Özgürlük-Terör”, “Sivil Toplum-Askeri İdare”, 1990′larda küreselleşmeye koşut olarak “Neo Liberalizm-Dine Yönelme” 2000′lerde ise “Laik-Dinci” karşıtlıklarında Türk Toplumu’nun kendisini ifade eden kanallar aradığı görülüyor. Türk toplumunun en önemli karakteristiklerinden biri olan bu karşıtlıkları fotoğrafçıların nasıl algıladıklarını sorgulayan sergi 1930′lardan günümüze dek uzanan süreç içinde farklı kuşaklara ait fotoğrafçıların bu karşıtlıkları yorumlarken, “belgeselciliğin”, “folklorizmin” ve “turistik bakışın” ötesinde farklı tavırlar geliştirerek ilginç “metaforlar” oluşturdukları gözlemlemeye olanak tanıyor.Fotografie Forum Frankfurt’da gerçekleştirilen sergiyi Celina Lundsford ve Necmi Sönmez bir yıldan fazla bir zamana yayılan süreç içinde hazırladı. Siyah-beyaz, renkli ve dijital fotoğraf teknikleriyle gerçekleştirilmiş 100′e yakın çalışmanın izleyicilere sunulduğu sergide, fotoğraf sanatçıları Yıldız Moran, Zeki Faik İzer, Murat Germen, Merih Akoğul, Ferhat Özgür, Pınar Yolacan, Ahmet Polat, Korhan Karaoysal, Ilker Maga, Hüseyin Karakaya ile video sanatçıları Aksel Zeydan Göz, Sinasi Güneş, Burcak Kaygun,Özlem Sulak, Nil Yalter’in çalışmaları yer alıyor.
Yer: Fotografie Forum Frankfurt
Bitiş Tarih: 26 Ekim 2008

Visionaria 17. International Toscana Video Festival, Siena, İtaly / Visionaria 17. Uluslararası Toscana Video Festivali, Siena, İtalya, 2008

Visionaria17. Uluslararası Toscana Video Festivali
20-27 Eylül 2008 tarihleri arasında İtalya’nın Siena şehrinde gerçekleşen festivale Türkiye’den güncel sanatçı Şinasi Güneş “Anadolu”isimli video art çalışması ile iştirak ediyor.Kurmaca, Komedi, belgesel, animasyon, deneysel, video art olmak üzere birçok kategoride video gösteriliyor.
Şinasi Güneş’in “Anadolu” isimli video art çalışması, Anadolu’da yaşayan farklı kültürlere sahip kadınların imajlarını içermektedir ve kadın ile örtünme arasındaki ilişkiyi irdelemektedir.

Festivale Sanat Vizyonları kategorisinde katılan sanatçılar;
Şinasi Güneş, Türkiye / Jen-Kuang Chang, ABD / Alessandro Amaducci, İtalya / Rachel Maclean, İskoçya / Tina Kotsi, Yunanistan / Stephana Schmidt, Almanya / Antonio Meucci, İtalya / Laurent Pernot, Fransa / Ira Eduardovna, ABD / Emma Bowen, İskoçya

Festival VisionariaSanta Maria della ScalaP.zza Duomo 253100 SienaItaly

1st Canakkale Biennial, “Transparent Illusions”, Canakkale, Turkey / 1. Çanakkale Bienali, “Şeffaf Yanılsamalar”, Çanakkale, Türkiye, 2008

Denizhan ÖZER / Seyhan BOZTEPE

1. Ali Umut Ergin (Fransa)
2. Andreas Tovan (Norveç)
3. Babi Badalov (Azerbaycan)
4. Bülent Bakan (Türkiye)
5. Bethany Murray (İngiltere)
6. Beyza Boynudelik (Türkiye)
7. Burcu Günay (Türkiye)
8. Canan Atalay (Türkiye)
9. Carolyn Thomson (İngiltere)
10. Dominic Pote (İngiltere)
11. Dafna Talmor (İsrail)
12. Denizhan Özer (Türkiye - İngiltere)
13. Demet Taşpınar (İngiltere)
14. Emrah Kangal (İngiltere)
15. Ernest Kurtveliev (Özbekistan)
16. Fatih Balcı (Türkiye)
17. Füruzan Şimşek (Türkiye)
18. Gül Ilgaz (Türkiye)
19. Halil Yoleri (Türkiye)
20. Hrafn Thoroddsen (İzlanda)
21. H.Yakup Öztuna (Türkiye)
22. Javid Moghaddas (İran)
23. Johanne Helard (Fransa)
24. Jun'ichiro Ishii (Japonya)
25. Kadir Aktay (İngiltere)
26. Lorrain Field (Kanada)
27. Lorand Revault (Fransa)
28. Lütfi Özden (Türkiye)
29. Lynn Mac Ritchie (İngiltere)
30. Maria Sezer (Türkiye)
31. Martin R.Baeyens (Belçika)
32. Mehmet Kavukçu (Türkiye)
33. Miriam Reer (Almanya)
34. Moo Young Chai (Güney Kore)
35. Mustafa Horasan (Türkiye)
36. Nazan Azeri (Türkiye)
37. Nur Gökbulut (Türkiye)
38. Nurettin Erkan (Türkiye)
39. Orhan Tekin (Türkiye)
40. Park Beyoung (Güney Kore)
41. Paul Eachus (İngiltere)
42. Pınar Yeşilada (Türkiye)
43. Rafael Suriani (Fransa - Kolombiya)
44. Selahattin Yıldırım (Türkiye)
45. Serpil Kapar Kılıç (Türkiye)
46. Seyhan Boztepe (Türkiye)
47. Su Jung Kim (Güney Kore)
48. Susanne Albretch (Almanya)
49. Sylvia Lüdtke (Almanya)
50. Şinasi Güneş (Türkiye)
51. Tansel Türkdoğan (Türkiye)
52. Varol Topaç (Türkiye)
53. Vicdan Nalbur Taşdemir (Türkiye)
54. Yıldız Doyran (Türkiye)
55. Yıldız Yüksel (İngiltere)
56. Young-Gu Shin (Güney Kore)

1- Devlet Güzel Sanatlar Galerisi
2- Deniz Müzesi Sanat Galerisi
3- Eski Kilise
4- Fevzipaşa Mahallesi’ndeki metruk mekânlar
5- Kordon Boyu-Marina (Video Gösterimleri)

One Minute Film & Video Festival, Aarau, Switzerland / 1 Dakika Film & Video Festivali, Aarau, İsviçre, 2008

By the 6. of august you will find the detailed programme on our website www.oneminute.ch
A sneak peek at the festival programme:
The main part of the festival is the international competition. The jury will award five prizes in the following categories: fiction and documentary, art and experimental, animation, youth (U20) and the best film from Argovia. Each juryprize includes 500.- CHF and a One Minute Award. The sixth award will be chosen by the audience. A digital camcorder and video editing software are waiting for the winners, all sponsered by HomeElectronic. The awards show will take place on Sunday at 8:30 pm. Beside the competition you will also have the possibility to watch selections of other film festivals. On Sunday the filmmakers' brunch will take place. You have the opportunity to present your film and answer questions by the audience. To apply for the filmmakers brunch,
mail to info@oneminute.ch, too. We would be happy about your participation. Looking forward to seeing you soon in Aarau!
The One Minute Team
One Minute Film & Video Festival
Aarau Postfach 2761CH-5000 Aarau Switzerland

1st International Video Art Festival Orebro, Sweden / 1. Uluslararası Video Art Festivali Orebro, İsveç, 2008

“Zamanın Kimliği”
24-26 Ekim 2008 tarihlerinde Küratörlüğünü Wilfried Agricola de Cologne’nin yaptığı
İsveç’in Orebro şehrinde gerçekleştirilen “Zamanın Kimliği” konseptli festivale Türkiye’den Şinasi Güneş “Gıcır” isimli video art çalışması ile katıldı.

Şinasi Güneş “Gıcır” isimli videosunda, gitarın temizlenmesi esnasındaki sıradan bir eylemi, işitsel bir performansa dönüştürüyor. İronik bir şekilde görünmeyen görünenleri açığa çıkartıyor.

Festivale Katılan Sanatçılar;
Marko Batista, Slovenya / Daniel Lo lacono, Almanya / Unnur Andrea Einarsdottir, İzlanda / Cynthia Whelan, İngiltere / Lital Dotan & Eyal Perry, İsrail / Şinasi Güneş, Türkiye / Gabriel Shalom, ABD / Laurent Pernot, Fransa


Wilfried Agricola de Cologne
VideoChannel - video project environments

Bio Roxy SalongOlaigatan 19, Orebro, Sweden

40th year in 1968 Exhibition, Istanbul, Turkey / 1968’in 40. Yılı: “Bir Rüzgarın Arkeolojik Kazısı”Sergisi, İstanbul, Türkiye, 2008

Bir Rüzgarin Arkeolojik Kazisi
Sergi küratörü: Bedri Baykam

Özdemir Altan
Cihat Aral
Meryem Arıcan
Gülru Atak
Pembenur G. Atasayar
Haluk Aykal
Fatih Balcı
Birgül Baran
Bedri Baykam
Çiler Belen
Turhan Büyükkahraman
Sema Doğan
Mustafa Düzgün
Burhan Ersan
Mehmet Güleryüz
Bahri Genç
Şinasi Güneş
Deniz Gökduman
Aydın Güçkıran
Genco Gülan
Murat Havan
Balkan Naci İslimyeli
Gülsün Karamustafa
Füsun Kavakçı
Hüsamettin Koçan
Ergin Konuksever
Ayşe Kurtay
Hülya Küpçüoğlu
Ekin Onat
Von Merhart
Tülin Onat
Denizhan Özer
Arus Özfuruncu
Bünyamin Özgültekin
Ferit Özşen
Deniz sağdıç
Önder Serin
Yusuf Taktak
Korkut Tiryaki
İmren Tüzün
Meltem Yakın Üldes
Özcan Yaman
Ayşegül Yarar
Ercan yılmaz

4th Miden Video Art Festival, Kalamata, Greece / 4. Miden Video Art Festivali, Kalamata, Yunanistan, 2008

Art Director: Giorgos Dimitrakopoulos
Art Curators: Gioula Papadopoulou, Margarita Stavraki

Festival Miden is a production of “Sea Level” (urban, non-profit company).
Co production: Municipality of Kalamata
With the support of Kalamata’s Historic Centre Organisation and the Messinia Chamber of Commerce.

Program: Mediterranean
Terpini Zhani, The last day, Albania-2007) 7.17
Berin Tuzlic, I don't know when and I don't know where, (Bosnia and Herzegovina-2007) 4.00
Sonja Vuk, My Way, (Croatia-2006) 1.00
Tobias Semmelman, In Four Parts, (Spain-2008) 5.14
Hayriye Koc, The Elevator, (Egypt-2008) 3.30
Gerard Cairaschi, MenSongs, (France-2008) 9.30
Jonathan Franco, Living Land, (Portugal-2008) 4.13
Ana Clara Poalt Mintz, Abia and Me, (Israel-2007) 0.46
Buzzetti Domenico, Death and rebirth of myself, (Italy-2008) 3.15
Edyta Masior, Jumping, (Greece-2006) 2.30
Daniel Rodrigo, Fashion Death, (Spain-2007) 4.37
Ismail Bahri, Soft Flow, (France & Tunisia-2007) 3.20
Mohamad Ali, Verting, (Syria-2007) 1.37
Andreas Savva, Divine Blow, (Cyprus-2003) 1.00
Sinasi Gunes, Batumi, (Turkey-2008) 3.24
Nikos Iliopoulos, Experiment, (Greece-2008) 1.43

3.Kargart International Video Festival, Istanbul, Turkey / 3. Kargart Uluslararası Video Festivali, İstanbul, Türkiye, 2008

3. Kargart Uluslararası Video Festivali “Oda”
Organizasyon: Kurye Uluslararası Video Organizasyonu
Koordinatör/ Kurye: Irmak Arkman
Kurye Video Organizasyonu 19–29 Şubat tarihleri arasında bu sene üçüncüsü düzenlenecek olan Kargart Uluslararası Video Festivalini organize ediyor. “Oda” alt başlığı altında düzenlenecek olan festival uluslararası video sanatçıları, özel gösterimleri, canlı performans ve konserleriyle dikkat çekiyor. İlk iki festivalini Kargart adına düzenlerken gelen videoların yoğunluğu ve çeşitliliği, sanatçılar ve kurumlarla kurulan ve giderek büyüyen iletişim sayesinde 2007 Ocak ayından itibaren Irmak Arkman tarafından “Kurye Uluslararası Video Organizasyonu” adı altında bağımsız çalışmalarına başladı. Karşı adlı konsepti ile ilk festivalinde Arkman’ın organizasyonu ve küratör Övül Durmuşoğlu desteği ile 26 sanatçının videolarına ev sahipliği yaptı. Kargart’ta yapılan son festivalde kurye konseptiyle ve sanatçı Gözde İlkin’in ortaklığıyla 31 sanatçıya ek olarak Hafriyat sanatçılarının katılımı ve Hazavuzu performansı ve konseri ile başarılı bir sergiye imza attı. Bu sene de festivalde yer alan Kanada animasyon sanatçıları seçkisini animasyon sanatçısı Maya Ersan üstlendi.Bizler; "Kurye" konseptiyle, günümüzde her an her yerde ulaşılabilen ve sürekli dolaşıma sahip olan görüntüden taraf olup, küratör ve galeri sisteminin öngördüğü seçici ve seçilen olma haline karşı bir duruş geliştirdik. Bu seneki festival de konseptini sanatçıların işlerinden ve Kargart mekanının dokusundan almayı planlıyor ve herkes için ortak ve canlı bir mekan yaratımını öngörüyor. “Oda” alt başlığı altında düzenlenecek festival video sanatının üç dalına ağırlık veriyor: ses videoları/ klipler, animasyon, dokümantasyon videoları.
Myritza Castillo (PR), Gruppo Sinestetico (IT), Ozan Adam (TR), ((GVP)) (TR), Atıl Altaş aka turboslow (TR), Kinki Texas (D), Swamn (D), Tan Cemal Genç (TR), Tortor Prodakşın (TR), Kevin Murphy (USA), Jose Alejandro Lopez Perez (CO), Michael Greathouse (USA), Olga Mink (NL), Thorsten Fleisch (D), Özlem Gök (TR), Suat Öğüt (TR), Özge Yılmaz (TR), Karl Nussbaum (USA), Marina Steinacker& Susanne Katharina Willard (D), Savaş Çağman Coşkun (TR), Candaş Şisman (TR), Gözde İlkin (TR), Şinasi Güneş (TR), Hülya Küpçüoğlu (TR), Zoran Popeski (GR), Zum Tasarım (TR), Nicolas Brault (CA), Josh Raskin (CA), James Braithwaite (CA), Jody Kramer (CA), Maya Ersan (TR), Nadin Reschke Kindlimann (D), Sena Başöz (TR), Ali İbrahim Öcal (TR) bu seneki festivalin sanatçıları olarak belirlendi.

59 Seconds Video Festival, 59 Saniye Film Festivali, 2008

Festival, 59 Saniye Film Festivali, Iowa Üniversitesi, Iowa, ABD, 2008
59 Seconds Video Festival, 59 Saniye Film Festivali, the Chateau Lassalle in Aignan, Fransa, 2008


1. The stuntmen Carine Doerflinger (Germany) 2004 An incident in Paris

2. 59 languages Petri Ala-Maunus (Finland) 2005 59 languages in 59 seconds.

3. LIX Dubi Kaufmann (USA) 2005 LIX is 59 in Roman numerals and it all started from there…

4. 59 Steps (to the Water) Angelica Bergamini (USA) 2008 In a hot summer day, only 59 steps separate me from the sea.
5. Beauty No. 4 Victor Barbieri (USA) 2004Beauty No. 4 begs for the suspension of disbelief balancing precariously between seduction and illusion.

6. Be Open Ingrid Taro (Italy / USA) 2005An experiment between the breath and the body, the voice is the medium of continuative thoughts.

7. Freeze Akiko and Masako Takada (UK) 2004Packages are transformed into a cityscape. The moment of natural transformation is captured.

8. Bah Bah Are Hauffen (Norway) 2005 With an imbecile attitude towards life in rural areas, the sheep came to equal a something with four legs from a child's play in the garden.

9. Avocado Carine Doerflinger (Germany) 2001Inhale-exhale-inhale-exhale. The plant has got it.

10. Buster Diana Kingsley (USA) 2004"A moth-like lantern fly flutters between a flower and a window, beating its wings against the glass..."

11. Bee Petting David Lachman (USA) 2004Bee Petting explores a childhood memory of petting bees.... Don't try this at home.

12. Run From It Norm Scott (USA) 2005All the joy and horror of growing up, distilled into one 59 second jaunt down a steep cow pasture in Southwest Virginia.

13. 59 Memories About Landscape And People Stefano Giannotti (Italy) 2008 A series of 59 visual memories taken from everyday life are strictly connected with 59 different notes played on piano.

14. Miss Concetta Lello Lopez (Italy) 2007
She lives in solitude, she lives on her memories. ”59” represents a happy moment in her sad life.

15. the metropolitan corrector Robert Schwarz & Anne Le Morvan (France) 2007 In the Parisian subway we witnessed traveler’s strange behavior.

16. The Middle of Bridge Sinasi Gunes (Turkey) 2005 A bridge that connects the east and the west. The liveliness of west meets the serenity of the east. Suicides happen in the middle ...

17. Blind Spots Jenny Vogel (USA) 2005 A close-up of an eye with the reflection of a TV that replaces the pupil as the eye is scanning the images.

18. Me to tango Lucia Warck Meister (Argentina /USA) 2005 A mirrored image of a woman dancing in front of a window depicts her loneliness.

19. Rainstorm Akiko and Masako Takada (UK)
A rainy urban city changing to a rainstorm. A tragic sense of narrative in the vanishing city.

20. Bradycardia Quin Charity (USA) 2007
A calm quiet love letter, “bradycardia” describes an arrhythmia when the resting heartbeat is slower than 60 beats a minute.

21. A LITTLE MEDITATION Myriam Thyes video & voice (Germany) 2002 The animation of the Yin&Yang symbol shows polarities/opposites complete and influence each other...

22. 59seconds for…love Serena Calò (Italy) 2006 Ti amo. 5 letters, 9 ways.

23. Rituali Urbane Masimo Lovisco (Italy) 2005, Song of Milan supporters - Inspiration from asphalt football field - someone wrote 59 Potenza Calcio.

24. 59 seconds to be happy... Marco Villani (Italy) 2007 smoking opium, 59 on the foil

25. bring me back_HIGH Jessica Iapino (Italy) 2007 music Alessandro Landi Impotence and constriction; representing the moment in which one’s soul detaches from the body.

26. Weather and Traffic Project 59 (USA) 2006

27. The Bourgeois Carine Doerflinger (Germany) 2004 The pigs are like the bourgeois, aren't they?

28. This Love Tsui-lun Liu (Taiwan / Germany) 2005 It is farewell. Her pet is dead. She decides to keep the little body forever. It should not get rotten, but stays "lively" as ever beside her ...

29. The Twins Carine Doerflinger (Germany) 2002Two mice run after each other and try to catch up.

30. 59 Revolutions Mike Ricos and Caroline Louis (USA) 2007 A fan turns. 59 revolutionary images are shown.
31. Collaboration Project 59 (USA) 2006
59 seconds of Second One Second Video Festival.

32. No Signal Franck Dubois (France) 2008 59 seconds without any signal. A pause and a questioning about what spectators are “watching”
33. Connect! Alessandra Zucchi and Antonio della Marina (Italy) 2005 You never know what you may find at the end of a long cable…..

34. Cube Persefoni Marlaka (Greece) 2007 The briefest battle of chance vs logic.

35. The Gods Yan Chung Hsien (Taiwan) 2005 The gods are playing... The gods are fabric...The gods are oriental. The gods are sentimental.
36. Bridge over troubled water Petri Ala-Maunus (Finland) 2005 You live from beginning to the end and the guardian angle takes care of you. Relax.

37. The Cave Guo Shiau Pei with Yan Chung Hsien (Taiwan) 2005 We danced in the white cave; tried to pretend that we are the excrement in the intestines and be excreted.

38. Take For Granted Isidore Bethel (USA) 2005
Shirt escapes laundry unbeknownst to its owner.

39. Vrnitev: Sorisos Di Topolo (Smiles of Topolo) Katherine Liberovskaya (Canada) 2005 Inhabitants of Slovenian/Italian border village.

40. Minutes… Dejan Dzolev (Macedonia) 2007 Film about common life on every person.

41. Twenty-Six Randall Wakerlin (USA) One self portrait every day for a year.

42. Moustache Avi Dabach (Israel) 2007
Eli is shaving in front of the mirror, making faces to himself. What if he get stuck with one of them?

43. Frigid Contact Dejan Dzolev (Macedonia) 2008 Contact between two people who dash into one plastic adventure.

44. annche la parola uccide Gruppo Sinestetico (Italy) 2006

45. Trumped Autumn Andel, Camera: Christopher Covel, Lighting: Christopher Covel and Rick Guinan, Actors: Autumn Andel and Rick Guinan (USA) 2007 The amount of consumption does not always equal mass

46. Desensibilization (59 times should be plenty) Javier J. Plano (Argentina) 2007 We empathize with another’s pain. What happen when we see that action over and over again (59 times)?

47. Si and No Ingrid Taro (Italy / USA) 2005No right no wrong, the 2 sides of my face are in opposition, in contrast, reminding how difficult it is to understand ourselves in our eternal dialogue.

48. The Dream Androniki Rapti (Greece) 2008
A personal dream ; number 59 is the main point....
49. Extracreato Luca Acito & Dario Carmetano (Italy) 2006, Sound: Heyehela Africa. God is the creator in sixty seconds, Satan - extra-creator in 59.

50. Position 59 Javier J. Plano (Argentina) 2007 59 pesos. Section 59 in the biggest Argentinian newspaper classified ads (a.k.a. “prostitutes section”). Ad number 59…
51. Rubro 59 Damián Durán (Argentina) 2007 Be careful with your fantasies… they can become real.

52. Hypochondria Mariana Bertoldi Youssef (Brazil) 2007 Sound Atelier do Vitche After 58 diseases, a man concludes he is sick again.

53. Fly GRUPPO SINESTETICO (Italy) 2005

54. Perfect Family Project 59 (USA) 2005 with Sarah, Rosa and Yelena Lidsky, Ignat Ayzenberg and dog Laila. Every family has mementos… Sometime you have to stop breakfast to catch one.

55. The Card Game Jonah & Emma Levy (USA) 2008. The winning hand.

56. Streetymades Andrew Eyman (USA) 2004
…A sort of recycled tribute to Marcel Duchamp with Edith Piaf accompaniment.

57. Sol Invictus Alistair Gentry (UK) 2005Introduction to the video installation “His Majesty” a nocturnal play for spirits.

58. Both Ends David Lachman (USA) 2005
A meditation on burning the candle at both ends.

59. 59 Endings Andrew Eyman (USA) 2006
Video montage of endings from the Golden Era of 1950s Hollywood.


'The Cologne Online Film Festivals 1 & 2', Selfportrait, 2007

Via Duca D’Aosta 63/A Casoria/Naples/Italy
Tel/Fax +39 081 7576167

selfportrait_a show for Bethlehem_show for Peace

16th December 06 – 16th January 07

16th December 2006_6.30 P.M.

Agricola de Cologne
Antonio Manfredi

Media/Art/Cologne powered
by NewMediaArtProjectNetwork]:Cologne

International Contemporary Art CenterNaples

Al Kahf Gallery Bethlehem Palestine
MAC - Museo Arte Contemporaneo Santa Fe / Bethlehem/Argentina
Officyna Art Space Szczecin PolandMACRO - Museum of Contemporary Art Rosario Argentina

51 photographers 42 video artists 18 multimedia artists
150 sound artists 100 statement artists

Selfportrait – a show for Bethlehem – show for Peace is a travelling exhibition cured by Agricola de Cologne and Antonio Manfredi in collaboration with the New Media Art Project Network in Cologne - Germany, of the Kahf Gallery Bethlehem_International Center/Palestina, of the MAC_Museo Arte Contemporaneo Santa Fe/Argentina, of the MACRO_Museo Arte Contemporaneo Rosario/Argentina, of the Officyna Art Space Szczecin/Poland and of the Casoria
Contemporary Art Museum/Naples, Italy.
360 artists, 260 multimedia, audio and video works, 100 texts of creative writing and visual poetry with one aim: using a common language of peace. The first day of the exhibition is December 16th, 2006 at the Casoria Contemporary Art Museum, the museum that will receive all the works of the exhibition, thus enriching its already large permanent international collection. All of the works are a metaphor of an universal code which expresses itself by means of contemporary media, such as photography, video and computers. The pictures exhibited here are the self-portraits of the artists, are the affirmation of a life aimed to the abolition of any cultural differences. Strong images and classic poses and a topic where no generalisation is allowed. The daily observation of the current situation in Middle East (or of any other country where war is part of the everyday life) through mass media has led people to be less sensitive to the topic, to be used to it also visually speaking. The images of the exhibition want to put a break to this situation and offer strong emotions. The tortures perpetuated during wars, the symbolic expression of a different culture, the words and sounds of a different language are the subjects of the works of this exhibition. The attitude of these artists is often to refuse or protest against the injustice of a war "sponsored" by a few powerful men. Sometimes it is just the vision of a different routine, related to a new perception of living/surviving. The voice that wants to be listened to, that wants to claim peace through art, is the voice of the artists whose everyday life and expression of their own artistic way is denied. In a "non-place" where there is just war, art still exists and affirms its own identity.

Graziella Melania Geraci

selfportrait - a show for Bethlehem - show for Peace

ARTISTS:digital video 42
Eileen Bonner/Great Britain Jack Messenger & Chirstinn Whyte/Great Britain Jen Ross/Great Britain Cynthia Whelan/Great Britain Donald Bousted/Great Britain Michael Szpakowski/Great Britain Reuben James Preston/Great Britain Svetlana & Andi Wallwhore/Great Britain Christina McPhee/USA Alice Arnold/USA Clare Ultimo/USA Vince Briffa/Malta Agricola de Cologne/Germany Lee Welch/Ireland Giovanni Antignano/Italy Oliver Griem/South Korea Sinasi Gunes/Turkey Nita Mocanu/Romania Andrй Austvoll/Norway Jeremy Blank/Australia Mireille Astore/Lebanon/Australia Miranda Mutanta/Australia Johanna Reich/Germany Theresa Krause/Germany Ilka Goetz/Germany Irene Coremberg/Argentina Herve Constant/Great Britain Nate Aldrich/USA Lina Persson/Sweden Carla Della Beffa/Italy Sonya Rademeyer/South Africa Melanie Perrier/France Jimmy Owenns/France Ane Lan/Norway Ina Loitzl/Austria Unnur Andrea Einardsdottir/Iceland June Pak/Canada Moon Na/Korea Sofia v. Bustorff/Portugal Ursula Bachmann/Switzerland Richard Jochum/Austria



Dutch Electronic Art Festival 2007
DEAF07: Interact or Die!From 10 through 29 April 2007, the eighth Dutch Electronic Art Festival (DEAF) will take place in Rotterdam. This international festival is organized every two years by V2_, Institute for the Unstable Media

CologneOFF I - genderscapes
VIP Art Gallery on 19 November 2007
see also:
http://www.skc.org.yu/redakcija.phpoblast=16&prostor=10&id=3386&year=2007&mon=11&lang=1 VIP Gallery Belgrade/Serbia
Mobile Institute Brussels/Belgium
24 August 2007
CologneOFF I screening program
Currently following slection from CologneOFF Iis available as a screening program

CologneOFF I - genderscapes 2006
selected filmscompilation - duration - 60 minutes
1. Rahel Maher (Australia) - Misstar : 2:002. Unnur A. Einarsdottir (Iceland) – Toilet – 3:003. Ane Lan (Norway) – Ane Lan – 3:004. Alla Girik and Oksana Shatalova (Kazakhstan) – Warning! Women – 3:125. Sinasi Günes (Turkey) – Androgen – 2:50 6. Beatrice Allegranti (UK) - In My Body – 4:007. J.G. Periot (France) – Devil Inside – 2:408. Ina Loitzl (Austria) – Snow-white and red like a rose – 5:009. Lorenzo Nencini (Italy) - Traviata – 10:0010. Elia Alba (Domincan Rep.) – If I were a… - 4:3011. Risk Hazekamp (the Netherlands) – Gay King – 3:0012. Agricola de Cologne (Germany) - House of tomorrow - 3:0013. Yi Hyung Kim – Women-World – 3:30
Caravansarai Festival
Istanbul/Turkey - 27 - 30 June 2007 -

VI Salon De Arte Digital,
6th Digital Art Festival Maracaibo/Venezuela - 7-17 October

1st Digital Art Festival Bahia Blanca (AR)
Cologne OFF has the pleasure to cooperate with 1st Digital Art Festival Bahia Blanca - 13-14 October 2007 - see also profile - organised by City Council of Bahia Blanca and Rattlesnake Productora , which is also responsable for the organisation of 3rd Digital Art Festival Rosario/Argentina - more details on -http://www.newmediafest.org/blog/?page_id=16

CeC & CaC 2007 being the 2nd Carnival of e-Creativity & Change-agents Conclave ~ a public global incident played out through February 9-10-11, 2007, in New Delhi, India.
Developed and presented by The Academy of Electronic Arts in partnership with, and in, the India International Centre, as an annual global occasion to collectively seek out, manifest, learn from, connect with and enjoy a studied broad canvas of cutting-edge participation & content from India and the world, addressing the Creative Empowerment of Individuals by the burgeoning spread of Technology across multiple streams of human endeavour.

'The Cologne Online Film Festivals 1 & 2' ~ curated by Wilfried Agricola de Cologne http://coff.newmediafest.org/ and http://www.agricola-de-cologne.de/ . Works include

* Genderscapes (Duration 50min.):1. Rahel Maher (Australia) - Misstar : 2:002. Unnur A. Einarsdottir (Iceland) ­ Toilet ­ 3:003. Ane Lan (Norway) ­ Ane Lan ­ 3:004. Alla Girik and Oksana Shatalova (Kazakhstan) ­ Warning! Women ­ 3:125. Sinasi Gunes (Turkey) ­ Androgen ­ 2:50 6. Beatrice Allegranti (UK) - In My Body ­ 4:007. J.G. Periot (France) ­ Devil Inside ­ 2:408. Ina Loitzl (Austria) ­ Snow-white and red like a rose ­ 5:009. Lorenzo Nencini (Italy) - Traviata ­ 10:0010. Elia Alba (Domincan Rep.) ­ If I were a - 4:3011. Risk Hazekamp (the Netherlands) ­ Gay King ­ 3:0012. Agricola de Cologne (Germany) - House of tomorrow - 3:0013. Yi Hyung Kim ­ Women-World ­ 3:30

* Image vs Music (Duration 60min.):1. Andreja Andric (Italy) - How the Music Surprises an Unprepared Listener ­ 0:242. Bundaberg Media Research Group (Australia) -3. Sweet Sounds of a Sugar Town: Raw to Refined ­ 5:584. Daniel Blinkhorn (Australia) ­ Resource 14 ­ 5:405. David Burns (USA) ­ Visual Orchestra ­ 2:006. Dennis H. Miller (USA) - Circles and Rounds ­ 9:227. Gabriel Shalom (USA) ­ Small Room Tango ­ 3:408. Jason Paul Cardot (USA) ­ Speye ­ 2:549. Lane Last (USA) - Ancient Rhythm ­ 2:3410. Laurent Pernot (France) ­ Still Alives ­ 2:3411. Erika Frenkel (Brazil) ­ Attention, Attention ­ 4:4012. Mauro Arrighi & Marco Buziol (Italy)- Softly Engaged­ 6:0013. Pygar - Hugo Olim/Joao Ricardo (Portugal) ­ on/off ­ 3:1814. Shawn Towne (USA)- Linear Succession ­ 0:4515. Sinasi Günes (Turkey) - Gicir­ 3:03 16. Sonja VUK (Croatia) ­ My Way ­ 1:0017. Unnur Einarsdottir (Iceland) ­ Music in Cake ­ 2:2318. Agricola de Cologne (Germany) ­ The Rehearsal ­ 4:30

Independent Films Festival, Istanbul, Turkey / Bağımsız Film Festivali, İstanbul, Türkiye, 2008

Görsel Maceralar: Deneysel Film Seçkisi
Yer: 2. Salon
Tarih: 19 Şubat Salı
Saat: 21:00
Derleyenler: Fatma Çolakoğlu, Eytan İpeker
Görsel Maceralar, yeni ve yaratıcı Türk deneysel filmlerine yer veren özel bir program. Genç sinemacıların son iki senede hazırladığı filmlerden oluşan bu özel seçkideki filmler, çok farklı konuları işleyerek değişik bakış açıları ile içsel ve bedensel sıkıntılardan insan hafızasına, toplumsal öğelerden şehir mimarisine uzanan geniş bir yelpazeyi kapsıyor. İmge ve ses üzerine yoğunlaşan görseller bilindik hisleri ve konuları beklenmedik bir dil ile anlatıyor.
Programda yer alan

Serdar Ekrem
Şinasi Güneş
Gürbey Hız
Gözde İlkin
Eytan İpeker
İrem Küçük
Yoel Meranda
Gizem Parlayandemir
Emir Aykut Pekdemir
Gözde Sukmenyıldız
Arzu Özkal Telhan
Emine Yıldırım
Özge Yılmaz

1st Silk Road Film Festival, Bursa, Turkey / 2. İpek Yolu Film Festivali, Bursa, Türkiye, 2008

7–13 Aralık tarihleri arasında II. Uluslararası Bursa İpek Yolu Film Festivali etkinlikleri arasında yer alacak olan “Yol” konseptli video-art sergisi, uluslararası açılımıyla dikkat çekiyor.

Küratörlüğünü Hülya Küpçüoğlu’nun yaptığı sergiye; Canan Beykal, Şinasi Güneş, Hülya Küpçüoğlu, Fatoş Beykal, Fatih Balcı, Herve Constant, Wiıfried Agricola de Cologne, Jerome Symons, Gruppo Sinestetico ve Peter Rasmussen katılıyor…

Bursa Büyükşehir Belediyesi tarafından düzenlenen II. Uluslararası Bursa İpek Yolu Film Festivali etkinlikleri kapsamında, uluslararası açılımlı “Yol” konseptli bir video-art sergisi de yer alacak.

Tarih boyunca “İpek Yolu”, Çin’den Avrupa’ya kadar pek çok ülkeyi kapsayan önemli bir tarih kesiti oldu. Birleştirici yönü, yalnızca ticarette değil kültürlerarası diyalogda da kendisini gösterdi ve bu anlamda da geliştirici bir rol üstlendi. Asya ile Avrupa’yı birbirine bağlayan Türkiye ise bu ‘yol’ üzerinde hep önemli bir durak oldu.
Bu yıl 7–13 Aralık tarihleri arasında ikincisi düzenlenecek olan “Bursa İpek Yolu Film Festivali” kapsamında Küratörlüğünü Hülya Küpçüoğlu’nun yaptığı “Yol” adlı video-art sergisine; Canan Beykal, Şinasi Güneş, Hülya Küpçüoğlu, Fatoş Beykal, Fatih Balcı, Herve Constant, Wiıfried Agricola de Cologne, Jerome Symons, Gruppo Sinestetico ve Peter Rasmussen katılacak.

The award winning filmTruth - Paradise Found

will participate in the video art section of

2nd International Bursa Silk Road Film Festival

Bursa/Turkey - 7-13 December 2007
which is curated byHülya Küpçüoglu featuring this directors/artistsCanan Beykal, Sinasi Günes, Hülya Küpçüoglu, Fatos Beykal, Fatih Balci,Herve Constant, Wiifried Agricola de Cologne, Jerome Symons,Gruppo Sinestetico & Peter Rasmussen.

Review of the water, The ‘Chiena’, Campagna, Italy / Su Üzerine Yeni Bakışlar The 'Chiena', Campagna, İtalya, 2008

REVIEW OF THE WATER - The ‘CHIENA’ - 26a edition. 2008

15 July-16 August

Public art in Italy from 1985, Interdisciplinary And MULTIMEDIALE, with interventions in the deviation of the waters of the river Tenza, in the historical center of the city-territory of Country (he/she Knows).Organized by him/it.SPAZIO UTOPIA CONTEMPORARY ART
Cultural association no profit

the artistic Direction
Angelo Riviello
Tel. 392.530.88.70

The Presidency
Santino Campagna

Via Cesarano 17
84022 Campagna (SA) Italy





Su Üzerine Yeni Bakışlar The 'Chiena'
15 Temmuz ile 16 Ağustos arasında “İtalya”nın “Campagna”şehrinde, “Tenza” nehri kenarında tarihi şehir merkezinde “Spazio Utopia” tarafından düzenlenen organizasyona Türkiye’den güncel sanatçı “Şinasi Güneş” katıldı. Oganizasyonu sanat yönetmenliğini “Angelo Riviello”yaptı.
Organizasyonda sanatçıların Mail Art,Video-art, Performans ve Enstalasyon disiplini alanında
çalışmaları yer alıyor.
Sergiye “Güneş”, “Batumi” ve “Eşitlik”isimli video-art çalışmaları ile iştirak etti.
Sanatçının “Eşitlik”isimli videosunda; Turistik biryerde farklı kültürlerden gelen insanların ayakları benzerdir.Bu tablo insanların eşitliğini yansıtır.
“Batumi”videosunda; Batum şehrinde su havuz’unda su ile oynayan çocuklarda ortaya çıkan haz duygusunun cinsel dürtüye dönüşmesi üzerine kurulu. Olağan görünen bir oyun suyun itkisi ile sıradışı bir hale gelir. Suyun şiddeti haz duygusunu harekete geçirir. Geriye çocukların çığlıkları ve kahkahaları kalır...

Sergiye video-art alanında katılan sanatçılar;
Derek Michael Besant, Dario Carmentano, Rebecca Conroy, Domenico Di Caterino, Andrew Eyman, Şinasi Güneş, Lello Lopez, Maria Petraccone, Angelo Riviello, Cherie Sampson, Antonio Sassu e Gruppo Sinestetico, Flavio Sciolè, Bruno Sullo.

18+ Exhibition, Ankara, Turkey / 18+1 Sergisi, Ankara, Türkiye, 2008

44th Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival, Antalya / 44. Antalya Altın Portakal Film Festivali, Antalya, Türkiye, 2007

44'üncü Antalya Altın Portakal Film Festivali Ulusal Kısa Film Yarışması Gösterim Filmleri
1 "KONTROL" Buket Öngen
2 "KABUL" Nejat Coşkun
3 "OMEGA TİLKİ" Melisa Önel
4 "AYAKALTINDA" M.Cem Öztüfekçi
5 "NOKTA" Meriç Renkver
7 "FELIX UND SCORPION" Tan Tolga Demirci
8 "KİMSENİN EVCİLİ" Ayşegül Güryüksel
9 "SÜKUT" Deniz Ceyhan Arman
10 "HOŞGELDİN BEBEK" Serhat Koca
11 "KOYUN PEŞİNDE" Şinasi Güneş
12 "AÇI KARŞI AÇI" Armağan Pekkaya
13 "DÖNGÜ" Hasan Gündüz
14 "KIRMIZI MONT" Deniz Buga
15 "YOLDAKİ KEDİ" Can Kılcıoğlu
16 "BAKMAK GÖRMEK" Eray Mert

“Borderline” International Exhibition, Canakkale, Turkey / “Sınır Çizgisi”, Uluslararası Sergisi, Çanakkale, Türkiye, 2007

Çanakkale Belediyesi'nin gerçekleştirdiği "44. Uluslararası Troia Festivali" kapsamındaki etkinliklerden biri olan Sınır Çizgisi / Border Line sergisinin küratörleri Denizhan Özer ve Seyhan Boztepe

Zonadearte In Action”Festival, Buenos Aires, Argentina / Zonadearte In Action”Festivali, Buenos Aires, Arjantin, 2007

Montevideo y 11 Berisso - esuelarte@hotmail.com


Ruggero Maggi & Kappa (Italia)
Analia Regué (Argentina)
Matthew Jenkins (USA)
Leticia Santa Cruz – Nadia Drubich (Argentina)
Paul Carter & Alexandra Zierle (Inglaterra)
Marcela Rivera (Argentina)
Antonella Prota Giurleo (Italia)
Eugenia Serafini (Italia)
Sylvia Winkler – Stephan Köperl (Alemania)
Emilio Morandi (Italia)
Malgosia Butterwick (Polonia)
Angel Pastor (Polonia-España)
Isabel Mónaco (Argentina)
Sergio Jiménez Rosales (Colombia)
Giorgio et Mikele (Argentina)
Nelda Ramos (Argentina)
Mariana Picart Motuzas (Uruguay)
Gabriela Alonso (Argentina)
Javier Sobrino (Argentina)
Moon Na (Sur Korea)
Sinasi Günes (Turquía)
Joaquin Amat (Argentina)
Javier Robledo (Argentina)
Sergio Nievas (Argentina)
Juan Angel Italiano (Uruguay)


CANADA: Irene Loughlin / ARGENTINA: Rodrigo Viera / COMPAÑIA DE LA TIERRA BIENAMADA Graciela Gutiérrez Marx , Susana Lombardo, Cecilia Cánepa ,Gabriela Solíz, Lorena Musicco , Patricia D` Ambrosio, Silvia Burgeño, Agustín Dono, Cristian Pumar, Ana Campanella, Daniela Riché, Marcelo Palomeque, Andrea Mónaco, (Video)Cristina Miranda .

ZONADEARTE : http://www.gazonadearte.com.ar/

Gabriela Alonso info@gazonadearte.com.ar
Nelda Ramos boutiquepop@yahoo.com.ar

“FlashFlood” International Video Art festival, Tucson, USA / “FlashFlood” Uluslararası Video Art festivali, Tucson, ABD, 2007

“FlashFlood” Uluslararası Video Art festivali
“FlashFlood” Uluslararası Video Art festivali Amerika’nın Tucson, Arizona eyaletinde 4 Ağustos’da yapıldı. Festivalin organizasyon ve küratörlüğünü Brookhart Jonquil gerçekleştirdi. Festivale Türkiye’den Şinasi Güneş “Köprünün Ortası” isimli video art çalışması ile katıldı. Festivalde 46 film gösterildi.
Bu çalışma (Köprünün Ortası) Avrupa yakası ile Anadolu yakasını birleştiren Boğaziçi köprüsünün ortasından atlayan bir figürü içermekte.Köprünün ortası birçok kez insanların intihar eylemini gerçekleştirdikleri veyahut gösteri amaçlı kullandıkları zaman zamanda ideolojik eylemlerini oluşturdukları etkili bir nokta.Görsel ve düşünsel açıdan konumu itibariyle mekansal kapsamı ile oldukça vurucu.
Avrupa yakası hareketliliği, eğlence ve kültür hayatını betimlerken, anadolu yakası ise daha durağan, güvenli, yalın bir hayatı sembolize etmekte.Boğaziçi köprüsü iki farklı kültürün, doğu ile batının birleştiren bir ara bağlaç. Türk kültürel hayatının sorgulanması bir anlamda bu ülkede yaşayan herhengi bir bireyin sorgulanması söz konusu olan.
Çalışmada sol üst köşede mizahi yönü ile intihar provası yapan bir birey görüntülenmekte.
Vede köprünün ortasında intihar eylemini gerçekleştiren bir birey..
Burada trajik olanla gülünç olan bir arada kullanılmakta. Bu ironik kullanım gerçek ile gerçekdışılık arasında yolculuk yapmamıza neden olmakta.
The Museum for Polydimensional Research1340 N. 1st Ave.Tucson, AZ 85719USA

“Taking Action” Video Exhibition, Istanbul, Turkey / “Taking Action” Video Sergisi, İstanbul, Türkiye, 2007

05.12 - 10.12.2007
Taking Action

INSTITUTION, COVERING ORGANISATION: Courier International Video Organization
Coordinator/ Courier: Irmak Arkman

ARTIST(S): Gruppo Sinestetico, Herve Constant, Jose Alexandro Lopez Perez, Kevin Murpy, Kinki Texas, Laura F. Gibellini, Mert Öztekin, Myritza Castillo, Ofek Wertman, Portage R.P., Swamn Schilling, Werther Germondari, Mauro Arrighi, Sinasi Gunes

OPENING: December, 5 2007, Wednesday 18:30 at Hafriyat Karaköy

ADRESS: Necatibey Caddesi No:79 Karakoy / Istanbul


3th Miden Video Art Festival, Kalamata, Greece / 3. Miden Video Art Festivali, Kalamata, Yunanistan, 2007

Theme Program: Mediterranean
Sergio Marcelli, Round und um-Outskirts, (Italy/Germany-2003) 4.04
Jimmy Owens, The couple, (France-2006) 1.15
Leme42, Cerca de mi, (Italy-2007) 4.23
Gokhan Okur, Mobilization Exercises, (Turkey-2007) 1.55
Nordine Sajot, Musee 30, (France/Italy-2000) 0.40
Nina Kotamanidou, Figs, (Greece-2007) 4.08
Panagiota Tzamourani, The window the door and the street, (Greece-2007) 4.00
Danae Konstanta , Mug Girlfriend, (Greece-2007) 3.00
Ana Husman, Plac/The market, (Croatia-2006) 9.32
Tiziana Contino, Red Meat / Read Meet, (Italy-2004) 1.36
Pietro Romano Matarrese, Casting, (Italy-2006) 1.09
Dimitra Bourouliti, Twirling Dervishes, (Greece-2007) 1.03
Liora Belford, Limbo Sketches, (Israel-2006) 9.30
Gunes Sinasi, Gicir, (Turkey-2006) 3.03
Antonella Ferrari, Lucid Dream, (Italy/UK-2007) 3.40
Gozde Ilkin, Reqwiem for a war, (Turkey-2007) 2.18
Christoforos Papachristoforou, Prevent, (Cyprus-2007) 2.58
Ziad Alhalabi, Even, (Syria-2007) 3.00
Gerard Freixes-Ribera, Aislado/Isolated, (Spain-2007) 3.30
Jonathan Franco, The beautiful garden, (Portugal-2007) 4.15

59 Second Video Festival, New York, USA / 59 Saniye Video Festivali, New York, ABD, 2007

NY: 59 Seconds Video Festival
Alfred University – Alternative Cinema 20-03-07Room 114 Seidlin Hall at 8pm NY organised by Nick Dosch
Academia Internacional de Cinema 26-03-07 at 7pm Rua Dr. Gabriel dos Santos, 142 – Higienopolis Sao Paulo, Brazil Organised by Ram Devinen
1. 59 seconds (time is a convention) Cristina Pavesi (Italy) 2006 59 seconds … may be extremely long or extremely short, it is a matter of everyone’s personal living.
2. Weather and Traffic Project 59 (USA) 2006
3. and Football Project 59 (USA) 2006
4. Would you like to dance with me for 59 seconds? Anna Finetti (Italy) 2006
5. 59 Catches Regina Vater (USA) 2006Images of sailing and fishing as metaphors for works of culture.
6. AGN 59V Alberto Gallingani (Italy) 2006 59 seconds attacked with incursions of external facts.
7. 9-11? Giorgio Celon (Italy) 2006.
8. Inspector Collector Spoons Harley Spiller (USA) 2007
9. 59 Random Russian Words Igor Baskin (Russia) 2007 Russian language learning ‘Express method
10. Elevate Zoran Dragelj (Canada) 2006 Movement becomes a subject. Apparent motion is put into parallel with the artistic form of cinema.
11. 59 Views of the Ambassador Bridge Adam Glover (Canada) 2006 Many things happen at once especially in a compositional 59 seconds.
12. 59seconds for…love Serena Calò (Italy) 2006 Ti amo. 5 letters, 9 ways.
13. Angelo Riviello & David Bowie Angelo Riviello (Italy) 2006 same day, same month, same year
14. 59 Steps Hervé Constant (UK) 2006. Chilling tale of ones man’s descent into madness.
15. Fast Zoran Dragelj (Canada) 2005 A burst of imaginative and dreamy panoramas
16. A Finger Orchestra Jinho Im (USA) 2006 In a insipid daily life we usually hit fingers on things daily.
17. 59 Girolama Santulli (Italy) 2007 Both sequences intentionally overlapped generate a probable number, not a sequential one.
18. Frames with 59 repetitions in the study of a scream Carolina Kohan (Argentina) 2007 an abstract journey to reconstruct the scream of a baby.
19. Gold words for you Ricardo Morales Hernández (Puerto Rico) 2006 In daily living, we need words of wisdom.
20. Pen and Paper Emily Broadbent (Australia) 2007 A mysterious message is being written!
21. Roundabout Moio&Sivelli (Italy) 2006 turn the routine around a traffic island into a dizzy rhythm of sounds, lights and colours.
22. Plastics Gruppo Sinestetico (Italy) 2007
23. Prima di tutto insegnami la neve Anna Finetti (Italy) 2006
24. Recollection Zoran Dragelj (Canada) 2006 Psychological flashback that registers like memories or dream-like longings.
25. Stalker of Chaplin Nora Gergely (Hungary) 2006 Friendship, and the connection of soul in art and dream.
26. Time and its Measure Vincenzo Frattini (Italy) 2006 Establishing a connection between two elements, space and time, so obsessively present in our daily life and art.
27. 59 secondi per…/ 59 seconds to… Antonio Patrizio (Italy) A suggestive silence that tells how hard it is to communicate in our society.
28. Traffic Love II Traffic Love Collective (Australia) 2007 A brief interlude between two very different population transporters
29. Sign 59 Irina Danilova (USA) 1998-2006. Apex of urban minute
30. 59 Seconds of Pause Estelle Artus (France) 2006, with Alain K. and Christophe Gay
31. Songs of Israel Project 59 (USA) 2005-6
32. Perfect Family II Project 59 (USA) 2006 with Sarah, Rosa, Ilyusha and Zhenya Lidsky. Kids count.
33. 59 Worms Carine Doerflinger (Germany) 2006
34. To Rise Again Raffaella Losapio (Italy) 2006
35. Extracreato Luca Acito and Dario Carmetano (Italy) 2006, Sound: Heyehela Africa God is the creator in sixty seconds, Satan is the extra-creator in 59.
36. The Hair Gianni Iannitto (Italy) 2006. In Neapolitan culture, what happens in life is codified by numbers in “La Smorfia” with the number 59 meaning the hair.
37. 59 is the key Valerio Veneruso (Italy) 2006 59 solves the Sudoku.
38. 59 Days to the end … of the beginning Angelo Riviello, Gino Scannapieco (Italy) 2006
39. Burning Sinasi Gunes (Turkey) 2006
40. 59 seconds to be happy... Marco Villani (Italy) 2007 smoking opium, 59 on the foil.

Detroit International Film and Video Festival, Detroit, USA / Detroit Uluslararası Film veVideo Festivali, Detroit, ABD, 2007

Detroit's 10th Int'l Film & Video Festival
March 9 through March 31, 2007 at the Museum of New Art (MONA)
Detroit MONA

84)* Sinasi Gunes (Istanbul) - ANATOLIA, 2005 (00:02:20);


“The Wave”, “Onda” Exibition Litta Castle, Gavi, Italy / “Dalga”, “Onda”Sergisi, Litta Castle, Gavi, İtalya, 2007

Title “the Wave”
Video art:- Sinasi Gunes- Herve Constant- Gianni Moretti- Alberto Magrin- Carlo Fatigoni- Gruppo Sinestetico

Photography::- Jose Vieira
- Marilena Vita
- Alberto Magrin - Carlo Fatigoni- Florindo Rilli- Gruppo Sinestetico

Digital Painting:
- Davide Coltro
- Anna Candeli
Music::- Luca Parrino- DV8
Organizzazione Nazionale d’Arte Digitale “Onda” Strada Monterotondo snc – 15066 Gavi (AL)
Web-site: http://www.arte-digitale.org/ ; e-mail: ondadigitale@libero.it
Info: Tel.0131/860079 fax: 0131/860293