2 Mart 2013 Cumartesi

Apartment Project Berlin Hertzbergstr 13, Neukölln , 12055 Berlin

Mobile artists archive has moved again and installed the artists files in art space of Apartment Project Berlin. The exhibition of the archive comprising submissions of nearly two hundred berlinerpool artists is accompanied by a program of presentations, talks and video screenings. 
“My lovely hats” 2008, 02’01”
“New York and chewing gum” / 2004, 4’2”


Thursday | 28 February | 6pm
[mi:t] berlinerpool mobile artists archive | Opening

Join us at the opening evening where we will present the main focuses of berlinerpool, describe current projects and open up points for co-operation.

The archive is a living organism created for documentation of the work of artists, artists groups and curators, to motivate and support their activities in organizing and curating art projects. To emphasize subject and form related issues brought forward by artsits.
28 February – 3 March 
videotheque screenings

berlinerpool introduces the videotheque – research project that provides a physical and online catalogue of video works. It has been created of video collection that berlinerpool members have submitted to mobile artists archive. 

Read more - http://www.berlinerpool.de/?menu=11&id=137

FB event - https://www.facebook.com/events/509467272437065/

Opening hours 
28th February / 6pm – 10pm
1st -2nd March – 2pm – 10pm
3rd March – 2pm – 5 pm

Venue: Apartment Project Berlin Hertzbergstr 13, Neukölln , 12055 Berlin

Organized by berlinerpool in cooperation with Apartment Project Berlin

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