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TIME is Love.8 [Show 1], January 2nd 2015, California, USA

"Love" Şinasi Güneş, Video , 07'49'', 2009

Expressive Arts Institute presents

TIME is Love.8 [Show 1]

Friday, January 2nd 2015

2820 Roosvelt Road #204
San Diego,
California 92106
Free admission
Curated by Kisito Assangni

Az Taleb (Morocco), Abdoul-Ganiou Dermani (Togo), Alexandre Braga (Brazil), Anna Sileks (Poland),Anthony Rousseau (France), Carlos Aires (Spain), César Schofield Cardoso (Cape Verde), Cristina Pavesi(Italy), David Blandy (UK), Dorthe Slej Pedersen (Denmark), Ella Manor (Israel), Flavio Sciole'(Italy), Francesca Lolli (Italy), Irina Gabiani (Luxembourg), Isabelle Lutz (Switzerland), Isidora Ficovic (Serbia), Kai Welf Hoyme (Germany), Katia Roessel (Germany), Laura Celada (Spain),Marcantonio Lunardi (Italy), Marc Neys (Belgium), Margarita Novikova (Russia), Michael Meldru &Marina Moreno (UK), Monica Paradela (Spain), Monika K. Adler (Poland), Mouna Jemal Siala (Tunisia), Muriel Montini (France), Nao Sakamoto (Japan), Niclas Hallberg (Sweden), Oreet Ashery (UK), Paako Sallah (Ghana), Danushka Marasinghe (Sri Lanka), Ramia Beladel (Morocco), Rhasaan Oyasaba Manning (USA), Sandrine Deumier (France), Sarawut Chutiwongpeti (Thailand), Sinasi Gunes (Turkey), S/N Coalition (USA), Sydelle Willow Smith (South Africa), Toby Kaufmann-Buhler (USA), Tommy Becker (USA), Triny Prada (Colombia), Tyrone Brown-Osborne (USA), Wolfgang Lehrner (Austria), Yuri Pirondi & Ines Von Bonhorst (Portugal), Yvana Samandova (Macedonia), Zierle & Carter (UK).

TIME is Love is an international video art project gathering several artists. Established in 2008, the program has traveled to major cities in the world attracting a vibrant mix of media professionals, researchers, young people and families.
Preoccupied with love, the project represents love stripped from its traditional clichés and timeless idealism. Each of the artists leads an interdisciplinary practice bringing a questioning and a criticism on a system of relation to others which appears to us as being dying.

Taking these ambivalent feelings as a starting point, the artists develop their own language according to their sensibility and history. The selected videos deal with prevented communications, disturbed feelings, globalisation, memory and spirituality. As a result, each video inspires the viewer to question the normative understandings of relationships in the occidental world

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