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FILMIDEO 10th Annual Film and Video Screenings, April 18, 2015, Washington, USA

Index Art Center presents:
10th Annual Film and Video Screenings.

Filmideo is a yearly event that celebrates the great diversity and work of independent filmmakers and video artists both nationally and from around the globe.
For an entire month, IAC transforms its gallery space into a screening theater, where artist’s works are projected onto a 10’ x10’ screen.

Saturday, April 18, 6-10 PM
Independent short film submissions curated by Lowell Craig-

Featuring works by:
Susanna Flock: Trying to Build a Sentence (Austria)
Alida Salerno: CLEAN (USA)
Susana Flock: Stronger (Austria)
Ana Barr & Nuno M. Pereira: CONTINUUM (Portugal)
Anna Beata Baranska & Michal Baranski: Side by Side (Poland)
Tsuyoshi Anzai: Out of Studio (Japan)
Brooke Griffin: Instructions to Hearing Persons Desiring a Deaf Man (Cambridge, MA)
Jenny Vogel: The Art of Forgetting (New York)
Leona Strassberg Steiner: Land 1 (New Orleans)
Don Rice & Rick Fisher: Arcadia (Canada)
Piotr Zoladz: Factory (Poland)
Francois Knoetze: Cape Mongo / VHS (South Africa)
Jeremy Newman: The Girl Who Dreamed of the Moon (New Jersey)
Rui Hu: Metropolitan Triangle Garden (China/USA)
Kuesti Fraun-Mobtik: Kaputtccino (Germany)
Pawel Stasiewicz: NO SIGNAL (Poland)
Emiliano Zucchini: Capturing Memories (Italy)
Miatta Kawinizi: Clay (Brooklyn)
Elijah Kennedy: My Mind’s a Map (Richmond, VA)
William Oliwa: Space Dog (NJ)
WIlliam Oliwa: Suburban Dreams (NJ)
Henriette Hellstern: Straight White (Denmark)


Jennida Chase: RVA/Remix:6 (USA)
Linda Chen: Solitude (Newark, NJ)
Kelli McGuire: Wind, Wind (Newark, NJ)
John C. Kelley: This Video Is Harmless (Arizona)
Leona Strassberg Steiner: To Sleep in a Room and Dream (New Orleans)
DuBois Nii-Armaah Ashong: NO BONI (Newark, NJ)
Jeremy Newman: A Cosmos of Patterns (New Jersey)
Jeremy Newman: Fixed (New Jersey)
And/Or: MILLENNIAL (Newark, NJ)
Hearty White: The Joy of Art (Kentucky)
Linda Everswick & Eric Durkin: Let’s Kill the Weatherman (Newark, NJ)
Rebecca Major: Exorcise (NYC)
Jordan Marty: Twenty Six Truck Stops (Richmond, VA)
Steven Dressler and Sarah Granett: Introducing (New Jersey, California)
Steven Dressler and Sarah Granett: Spring any Day Now (New Jersey, California)
Steven Dressler and Sarah Granett: I want to Beeline (New Jersey, California)
Mauricio Sanhueza: Do You Smell That (Peru)


Michael DiFeo: Ocean of Pixels (New Jersey)
Siro: Eros, Epithymia (Spain)
Robert Waluszko: Creative Paradiso (Newark)
Violet Overn: Body of Text (New York)
Julia Kurek: Message (Poland)
Olivia Accardo: Horsefish (New Jersey)
Soojin Chang & Sophie Merrison-Thieme: Noonday Demon (USA/Germany)
Tushar Waghela: The Home (India)
Leona Strassberg Steiner: Transitions (New Orleans)
Maryam Tafakory: I was Five when I became a Woman (Iran)
Mauricio Rivera: Aquietamiento (Colombia)
Sinasi Gunes: Anatolia (Istanbul)
Olivia Accardo: Golf Sur Neige (New York)
Patrick Moser: Little Curry Test (USA)
Sandra Arujo: Rio me porque es da aldeia e vieste de burro ao baile (Portugal)

Saturday, April. 25
Filmideo Day 2 - Works to be listed soon!

Filmideo is also sponsored by our neighbors at Kilkenny Alehouse and 27 Mix

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