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Thousands at AVI festival - Netanya 2015, Israel

Thousands at AVI festival - Netanya 2015
Dozens of artists from around the country and the world have made the Independence Square into an outdoor Museum.

Posted on: July 29, 2015 | By Shir Ostfeld

Thousands of residents of Netanya and visitors from all around the country came to Independence Square to watch the new international video arts festival held for the first in the city. AVI Festival, from the creating of the group "Anu Banu" and under the artistic direction of Ynin Shillo, featured the works of 45 global leading artists .
The visitors of the festival  benefited from a variety of spectacular video works, through which they could "visit" cool Finland, learn how to tame a chair, experience moments of beauty in Tibet, dive to the depths of consciousness in the contemporary era and take part in artistic and rhythmic experience in the public sphere. List of prominent international artists: Professor Jawshing Arthur liou, Muriel Montini, Sinasi Gunes and more. The festival, which opened every day at 19:00, continued until 23:00, during which were the art exhibits projected onto giant screens above the public. The city hall and the city center administration said "the voice Hasharon - Netanya online", "This is the optimal utilization of the advanced technology monitors at the new Independence Square, and we intend to expand this activity."

The 3 days festival in Netanya is over and we want to take the time to thank all of you for taking part in the first edition of AVI. It was a grate experience working with you.

Attached is a link to an article about AVI - and a translation in English (below).

We were both so busy running, taking care of the festival and we could not take any pictures. We would want to thank Barbara & Ale that took pictures of the festival - that you can use to pot in your web etc. There is no specific picture of each work.
The pictures are updated in the festival facebook page in this address:


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A (rt) V (ideo)

Screening Event of international video art, on three giant screens : 19-20-21.5.2015
Netanya (north to Tel Aviv)

Curator & Edit : Ynin Shillo
Production: Irit Shillo

The program of the event - order of screening

Israel - Ynin Shillo
USA - Esmeralda Kosmatopoulos
USA - Neil Needleman
USSR-Nethelands - Lena Kostenko
Germany -Joas Nebe
Italy - Barbara Ale
USA - Rafi Hillel Jacobs
France - Muriel Muntini
Brazil - Agatha Brum
USA - David pierce
Israel - David Averbuch
Ukraine- Alexander Isaenko
Israel - Yaniv Yur (YoYo),
Germany - Maria Korporal
UK - Tessa Garland
Greece-UK - Bill Psarras
Greece- Vasilis Karvounis
USA - Corbett Fogue
Taiwan- USA - Jawshing Arthur Liou
Poland - Agnieszka Ewa Braun
UK-USA - Mathew Tom
Denemark - Mark Tholander
Spain - Albert Negredo
Denemark - Mark Tholander
RS/BiH - Sasha Tatic
Serbia - Milos Vucicevic
Canada - Hugues Clément
Germany - marie von heyl
USA - Brooke Griffin
Thailand - Anupong Charoenmitr
Greece - Vasilis Karvounis
Turky - Sinasi Gunes
Greece-UK - Bill Psarras
USA - Rachel Lin Weaver
Germany - isabella gresser
Israel - Iddo Gruengard
Serbia - Milos Vucicevic
Germany - Maria Korporal
USA - Henry Gwiazda
Canada - Kate MacDonald
UK - Warren Garland
Hong Kong & UK - Jolene Mok
Germany - Eduardo Flores Abad
USA - Rachel Lin Weaver
Argentina - Sonia Laura
Israel - Anu Banu Group

Germany - Johanna Reich

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