6 Mart 2016 Pazar

FIVAC, International video art festival, Camaguey, Cuba

Fivac, memories of development
The proposal of an exhibition-Flashback, from the selection of eighteen pieces and promotional material of each of the editions, it works as a kind of experiential support of the international festival of video art of camagüey. Different lines and discursive visual form a sample, where several selection criteria. The same, they respond to a set of works that generates a holistic view of these six editions, appealing to the need to offer to the public pieces that have marked moments cimeros within the space and which have not been often within other curadurías. Paraphrasing the central protagonist of memories of underdevelopment: "one of the things that baffles the people is their inability to sustain a feeling, an idea without dispersion". And fivac has proved to be entirely consistent. It's pure alteration, related things, accumulate experiences... Those are some of the signs of development. All talent should not be spent on adapt just at the moment. Sci. Yinet n. Mendoza Moreno

Relationship of artists and works.
Elaine Buckholtz. The United States. USA
Requiem for Egmen Wornnks. 8´00
Owen Eric Wood. Canada
Return. 4´58
Rodrigo De La Vega. Mexico
Darius isn't dead. 3'30
Candas Sisman. Turkey
Avatar. 6´35
Konstantinos Antonios Goutos. Greece
Nostalgia. 7'25
Camila Garcia. Cuba
One day. 2'18
Manel Santos. Spain
S¬¬¬-T. 3´58
Esteban Azuela. Mexico
Suction Cup. 2'27
Niall Farrell. Ireland
33.116667, 33.816667. 3´31
Sinasi Günes. Turquía
Anatolia. 1´36
Juliet Anaut and ignacio laxalde. Argentina
The look in custody. 6'47
Caroline Koebel. The United States. USA
Swoop. 7´30
Laura Blüer. The United States. USA
Land and sea. 4'31
Adrián Regnier Chavez. Mexico
U. 4´31
Angella Conte. Brazil
Rottal Alternate. 7'34
Roser Teresa Gerona Ribas. Spain
Landscape_1. 6´07
Orly Aviv. Israel
Modesty. 2´56

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