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d2d.4 = direct to documentation, 7th International Festival Of Performance Art, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, 2008

d2d.4 = direct to documentation 2008

Co-sponsored by:Granny Boots
7:30 pm
Gladstone Hotel
d2d began in 2000, when we received such compelling support material in our call for submissions that we decided to solicit performance documentation and performance for the camera in our Open Call as well. This fourth installment has something for everyone and from everywhere; straight-up documentation from Vancouver, live YouTube from New Hampshire, luscious film from Russia, and complete deadpan from the Netherlands. Off the wall, on the wall, watch that wall! If there is a common theme this year, I’d call it: total commitment. Programmed by Householder and Herst. Co-sponsored by Vtape.

Rachelle Beaudoin (New Hampshire, USA)Webisode #25 - How To Wax, 2007, 4:30Rachelle Beaudoin is a new media artist who uses installation, sound, and performance to explore feminine iconography, raunch culture, and the social space.
Feiko Beckers (Netherlands)An attempt to get struck on the head by a falling plant knocked over by my cat, 2007, 2:24Feiko Beckers is an artist, a curator (Medium Gallery, Groningen), and a member of the noise collective Electricity is our hobby, and the artist collective PassenpoP. He lives and works in Groningen, the Netherlands.

Jess Dobkin (Toronto)untitled (clown car), 2007, 3:10Jess Dobkin's performances, artist's talks and workshops are presented at museums, galleries, theatres, universities and community centres internationally. She creates innovative live and video solo performances, as well as multiple artist productions.

Linda Rae Dornan (New Brunswick)By a thread, 2002, 1:09Linda Rae Dornan is an interdisciplinary artist creating performance art, video, and audio art about language, loss, love, communication and caregiving. She lives in Sackville, NB where she has an audio art radio show every week on CHMA 106.9 FM, the Voice of the Marshes in Sackville.
Enrico Gaido / Alessandra Lappano (Italy)New Orleans, 2007, 3:40Enrico Gaido and Alessandra Lappano are installation, performance, and video artists who founded Portage in Turin in 2004.

Adam Goodge and Katrine Brosnan (UK)The Young Ones, 2006, 2:00Adam Goodge and Katrine Brosnan are a recently formed collaborative pair based in Nottingham. They have begun to develop a practice which combines their previous work, with their interest in the mundane and the celebrated, reinterpreting culture, and questioning their identity as artists.

Sinasi Gunes (Turkey)After The Sheep, 2007, 3:41 Sinasi Gunes works in installation, photography, painting, and video art and is based in Istanbul.

Nathaniel Katz (Rhode Island, USA)Learning How to Milk a Cow from My Father / My Father Was a Dairy Farmer: Hands on Workshop, 2006, 4:00My current work draws from my experience as a public high school teacher. I look at, exploit and challenge the inherent power structures that are present in relationships that are conceived within the traditional hierarchical system of American education.

Lynn Charlotte Lu (Singapore)Kaleidoscope Peepshow, 2004, 2:27Lynn Lu is an installation/performance artist from Singapore. She received a BFA from Carnegie Mellon University with a major in Sculpture and a minor in Graphic Design in 1999.
Riaz Mehmood (Montréal)Hill Station, 2007, 5:00Riaz Mehmood is film, video, photography and performance artist originally from Pakistan. He graduated from the Integrated Media program at OCAD in 2005.PROVMYZA:
Galina Myznikova and Sergey Provorov (Russia)The Slippery Mountain, 2006, 6:05Myznikova and Provorov worked as television authors and directors in Nizhnij Novgorod, where they began to work with concepts of non-verbal information. Since 1996 they have created projects in the sphere of cinema and contemporary art. In 2005 they represented Russia with their innovative project Idiot Wind at the 51st Venice Biennial.
Anthony Schrag (Scotland)Mistakes of Vision: Floor 1:51, Walls 2007, 1:08Schrag was born in Zimbabwe and grew up in the Middle East, the UK and Canada. He has a BFA in Creative Writing from UBC. His novel was a semi-finalist in the Robertson Davies/Chapters First Novel Competition and GreenBoatHouse Books published Moving Pictures, his first book of poetry. He dropped the writerly façade and studied at Emily Carr Institute, later obtaining an MFA from the Glasgow School of Art, where he currently resides in that dark & angry city.

Victoria Singh (Vancouver)Egg Shells, 2005, 5:00Victoria Singh is a "half-breed" South Asian multidisciplinary artist, curator and children's art teacher, from New Zealand now living in Vancouver. Her practice began with a strong basis in visual art and has morphed into a concentration on performance. In addition to her public works Singh and her son Kurtis Champion are involved in a 7-year LIFE/ART collaboration with Linda Montano which started in 2004.

Pilar Talavera (Peru)Cuarto #2 (Room #2), July 2004, 1:48Pilar Talavera is an installation and performance artist from Peru.

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