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Minute Planet - One Minute Festival, Brazil, 2008

One Minute Festival Brazil Brazilija

One Minute Festival now all over the world!
After months of development, the One Minute Festival Brazil has just launched its new video website on the internet.
The One Minute Festival Brazil has become online in 2007, starting to receive videos directly through the internet. The new website we are now launching is a result of what we’ve learned during almost a year of operation of our first website. Nowadays, we receive 10 videos a day. Every month we launch new themes and give money awards to the best videos.
On our website, we continue to focus on a curatorial selection of videos, searching for works that are interesting and relevant. In fact, the online tools that we have developed have improved the process of selection of videos.
In 2009, we’ll launch our first world theme: “To Be or Not to Be?”: to be or not to be Japanese?, to be or not to be Italian?, to be or not to be Brazilian, Russian, Thai, etc.
The theme “To Be or Not To Be?” aims to create a discussion by amateur and professional videomakers from the whole world on the differences amongst the various existing cultures. Are we that different?
On the one hand, we tend to wear the same clothes, eat the same food and be exposed to the same symbolic contents. On the other hand, there is a clear tendency to affirm small and infinite differences - a space to express the desires of each society, group or individual.
The theme “To Be or Not to Be?” plays with the clichés associated to every culture and the differences that may contradict these clichés. It is also a theme that proposes the discussion about the many ethnic and religious conflicts on the planet.
These contradictions and provocations are the perfect grounds for the ‘exercise of syntheses’ proposed by the very short format of the One Minute: videomakers around the world will have to make concise and singular reflections upon this extremely contemporary subject.
We will offer a big money prize to the best video of the world and 10 smaller money prizes to the best videos of the 10 countries that submit more videos to the contest.

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