10 Ağustos 2009 Pazartesi

Festival Miden, Kalamata, Greece, 2009

Festival Miden partnership with CologneOFF and VideoChannel:
Invited by Agricola de Cologne, founder and director of [NewMediaArtProjectNetwork]:cologne - www.nmartproject.net - Festival Miden collaborates with CologneOFF - CologneOnline Film Festivalhttp://coff.newmediafest.org/ -a new mobile type of video and film festival founded in 2006 and taking place simultaneously online and in physical spaces- and VideoChannel - video project environments http://videochannel.newmediafest.org/, presenting the following screening programs on Greek video-art, curated by Gioula Papadopoulou:

Here We Are! – a selection from CologneOFF IVCologneOFF IV OFF (selection 1)
curated by Agricola de Cologne

Video titles:
by Dario Bardic (2007, 3:20, Croatia)
An étude (a French word meaning study") is a short musical composition designed to provide practice in a particular technical skill in the performance or to demonstrate technical virtuosity. Video ETUDE takes this definition to the upper-(visual) level. It is a surrealistic experience that stimulates everyone’s subconsciousness. It questiones the human relations and the eternal pursuit of perfection.

by Giuseppe Girardi (2008, 6:56, Italy)
Foreigner is not only the one who lives far away from his country but also the one who lives a distance in everyday life...distance as homesickness, wanting of an "existed" existence, where dimensions of living can find a contact point...

by Sinasi Günes (2006, 2:18, Turkey)
This work contains images of womans who lives in Anatolia and have a different cultural features and relations of woman and womanveling are scrutinized.

by Mihai Grecu (2008, 5:56, Romania)
Absence, presence and aquatic distortions in this choreography of fluids, mysterious forces twist the physical laws and affect the behaviour of living beings in purified spaces

by David Jakubovic (2008, 4:40, USA)
A monologue from the play 'Joined at the Head' comes to life as Jim confesses his guilty, personal feelings about what he is going through as his wife is dying. Imagination, thoughts and reality, as well as past and present, are all mixed up as a picture is painted about a deep confusion in Jim's mind, as he confronts love, hate and hopelessness of a situation he can do nothing about but observe

“Who is Miri Nishri”
by Miri Nishri (2008, 14:00, Israel)
The movie begins with a question – who is Miri Nishri? This question will continue to haunt us as the mystery unravels but is never to be resolved. Many characters puzzled by this enigma are looking at us from the screen with various answers, only more puzzling. Some of them claim that they were Miri Nishri for a while, others give vague details of the life and identity of a woman of that name as fuzzy memories of a long forgotten meeting or relation. Miri is an entity build from random associations and shreds of being and identities who seldom add up.

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