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‘STUDIO 29’ , UK, 2009

‘STUDIO 29’ Sunday 6 September 2009 at 7.15pm
List of short films to be shown at the Film Club

1. Bela Tarr PROLOGUE 5 min (Hungary)
Prologue, Stunningly paired with Mihály Vig's repetitious and mournful
waltz, this film offers us a singular and far-reaching addition to Visions of
Europe that cements, once again, Tarr's grim view of the working class in
Hungary, and elsewhere.

2. Wim WENDERS 12 MILES TO TRONA 11 min (Germany)
Wenders' contribution drew upon a personal experience that he has not often
openly discussed—an accidental drug overdose that occurred 33 years prior to
making a film that concluded with the director being rushed to hospital and
nearly dying.

3. Victor ERICE LIFELINE 9.30 min (Spain)
A short film that is poetically dense which, in some ways. returns to the theme
of the haunted rural world of SPIRIT OF THE BEEHIVE. “In the dark ... the
cry of a new-born ... baby breaks the silence of the countryside ... on a hot
summer's evening”.

Strolling with camera in hand along the banks of the Serpentine, in Hyde Park,
the artist and filmmaker Hervé Constant lingered at a favourite spot, near the
boating section. Everywhere he looked he could see that everyone was
‘doing their own thing ... it was peaceful ... glorious!

The film shows us naked men and women of differing sizes, each with the flag
of their country painted onto their bare flesh. Eventually the shower is
crowded, and the smaller countries find themselves standing on the outside
looking in. Then the shower stops. It's too late for them.

6. Lello LOPEZ MONNEZZA 4.45 min (Italy)
Naples at the time of the Rubbish issue: It’s Sunday, the Corpus
Domini procession is celebrated with prayers said by the priest and
believers along the route.
Entr’acte: 15 min

7. Bernardo BERTOLUCCI HISTOIRE d’EAUX 11 min (Italy)
A young man, Narada, arrives illegally in Italy in the back of a lorry filled
with refugees. He sets off in search of some water and along the way he runs
into Marcellina, a 30-year-old woman who is hopelessly trying to re-start her

8. Sinasi GUNES ANATOLIA 2.30 min (Turkey)
This work contains images of women who lives in Anatolia and have different
cultural features and the relationship of women coming into womanhood are

9. Jiri MENZEL ONE MOMENT 9.30 min (Czech)
Ten Minutes After, the effects of time on an aging Czech actor Rudolf
Hrusinsky is documented.

Based on a performance revealing the 5 senses in homage and exaltation of
Sinestesia. Gruppo Sinestetico collaborated with a dental surgery and the art
rock Café Space Abano.

11. Agricola de COLOGNE TRUTH PARADISE FOUND 3 min (Germany)
The video tells the story of the human desire to be as close to the truth as
possible. But who ever will succeed while living a life dominated by the fast
running time and endless searching?
This was filmed at the Rila Monastery, which is the spiritual centre
of Bulgaria

12. . Irina DANILOVA & Hiram LEVY THE COLLECTION 6.30min (USA)
The saga is of J.D. exploring his passion… his obsession…

Showing at Studio 29 SPACE STUDIO 10 Martello Street E8 020 7249 6021

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