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Visionaria adheres to Lo Sbarco, Italy, 2010

Visionaria adheres to Lo Sbarco
18 2010 H 12:10

The Associazione culturale Visionaria adheres to LO SBARCO.

The initiative, promoted by a group of Italians living in Barcelona, aims to raise awareness and inform the general situation that sees the Italian media, education, art, culture and human rights in increasing danger. "We create bridges, not walls." Ship of Rights will host debates, seminars, theatrical events, film festivals. The departure is scheduled for June 25 from Barcelona, arriving in Genova on 26. Visionaria helps event offering a small collection of his short films that have contuttore wire as the theme of migration and cultural diversity.

The program: -"Il magnifico sette " Paolo Pisanelli, Italy 1999 - " Il diario dei salti " A. Masi, D. Pernicano, R. Gagliano, Italy 2005 - " Rienderien " Monica Petracci, Italy 2000 - " Ahyanan" Mahmood Soliman, Egypt 2008 - "Arafat and I" di Mahdi Fleifel, Denmark 2009 - " Discussion on death " Alessandro Amaducci, Italy 2007 - "Passaggio vietato" Marco Zaccaria, Italy 2009 - " Anadolu" Şinasi Güneş, Turkey 2008 - " And the sea came by " Filippo Fraternali, United Kingdom 2006

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