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59 Seconds Video Festival, 59 Saniye Film Festivali, 2008

Festival, 59 Saniye Film Festivali, Iowa Üniversitesi, Iowa, ABD, 2008
59 Seconds Video Festival, 59 Saniye Film Festivali, the Chateau Lassalle in Aignan, Fransa, 2008


1. The stuntmen Carine Doerflinger (Germany) 2004 An incident in Paris

2. 59 languages Petri Ala-Maunus (Finland) 2005 59 languages in 59 seconds.

3. LIX Dubi Kaufmann (USA) 2005 LIX is 59 in Roman numerals and it all started from there…

4. 59 Steps (to the Water) Angelica Bergamini (USA) 2008 In a hot summer day, only 59 steps separate me from the sea.
5. Beauty No. 4 Victor Barbieri (USA) 2004Beauty No. 4 begs for the suspension of disbelief balancing precariously between seduction and illusion.

6. Be Open Ingrid Taro (Italy / USA) 2005An experiment between the breath and the body, the voice is the medium of continuative thoughts.

7. Freeze Akiko and Masako Takada (UK) 2004Packages are transformed into a cityscape. The moment of natural transformation is captured.

8. Bah Bah Are Hauffen (Norway) 2005 With an imbecile attitude towards life in rural areas, the sheep came to equal a something with four legs from a child's play in the garden.

9. Avocado Carine Doerflinger (Germany) 2001Inhale-exhale-inhale-exhale. The plant has got it.

10. Buster Diana Kingsley (USA) 2004"A moth-like lantern fly flutters between a flower and a window, beating its wings against the glass..."

11. Bee Petting David Lachman (USA) 2004Bee Petting explores a childhood memory of petting bees.... Don't try this at home.

12. Run From It Norm Scott (USA) 2005All the joy and horror of growing up, distilled into one 59 second jaunt down a steep cow pasture in Southwest Virginia.

13. 59 Memories About Landscape And People Stefano Giannotti (Italy) 2008 A series of 59 visual memories taken from everyday life are strictly connected with 59 different notes played on piano.

14. Miss Concetta Lello Lopez (Italy) 2007
She lives in solitude, she lives on her memories. ”59” represents a happy moment in her sad life.

15. the metropolitan corrector Robert Schwarz & Anne Le Morvan (France) 2007 In the Parisian subway we witnessed traveler’s strange behavior.

16. The Middle of Bridge Sinasi Gunes (Turkey) 2005 A bridge that connects the east and the west. The liveliness of west meets the serenity of the east. Suicides happen in the middle ...

17. Blind Spots Jenny Vogel (USA) 2005 A close-up of an eye with the reflection of a TV that replaces the pupil as the eye is scanning the images.

18. Me to tango Lucia Warck Meister (Argentina /USA) 2005 A mirrored image of a woman dancing in front of a window depicts her loneliness.

19. Rainstorm Akiko and Masako Takada (UK)
A rainy urban city changing to a rainstorm. A tragic sense of narrative in the vanishing city.

20. Bradycardia Quin Charity (USA) 2007
A calm quiet love letter, “bradycardia” describes an arrhythmia when the resting heartbeat is slower than 60 beats a minute.

21. A LITTLE MEDITATION Myriam Thyes video & voice (Germany) 2002 The animation of the Yin&Yang symbol shows polarities/opposites complete and influence each other...

22. 59seconds for…love Serena Calò (Italy) 2006 Ti amo. 5 letters, 9 ways.

23. Rituali Urbane Masimo Lovisco (Italy) 2005, Song of Milan supporters - Inspiration from asphalt football field - someone wrote 59 Potenza Calcio.

24. 59 seconds to be happy... Marco Villani (Italy) 2007 smoking opium, 59 on the foil

25. bring me back_HIGH Jessica Iapino (Italy) 2007 music Alessandro Landi Impotence and constriction; representing the moment in which one’s soul detaches from the body.

26. Weather and Traffic Project 59 (USA) 2006

27. The Bourgeois Carine Doerflinger (Germany) 2004 The pigs are like the bourgeois, aren't they?

28. This Love Tsui-lun Liu (Taiwan / Germany) 2005 It is farewell. Her pet is dead. She decides to keep the little body forever. It should not get rotten, but stays "lively" as ever beside her ...

29. The Twins Carine Doerflinger (Germany) 2002Two mice run after each other and try to catch up.

30. 59 Revolutions Mike Ricos and Caroline Louis (USA) 2007 A fan turns. 59 revolutionary images are shown.
31. Collaboration Project 59 (USA) 2006
59 seconds of Second One Second Video Festival.

32. No Signal Franck Dubois (France) 2008 59 seconds without any signal. A pause and a questioning about what spectators are “watching”
33. Connect! Alessandra Zucchi and Antonio della Marina (Italy) 2005 You never know what you may find at the end of a long cable…..

34. Cube Persefoni Marlaka (Greece) 2007 The briefest battle of chance vs logic.

35. The Gods Yan Chung Hsien (Taiwan) 2005 The gods are playing... The gods are fabric...The gods are oriental. The gods are sentimental.
36. Bridge over troubled water Petri Ala-Maunus (Finland) 2005 You live from beginning to the end and the guardian angle takes care of you. Relax.

37. The Cave Guo Shiau Pei with Yan Chung Hsien (Taiwan) 2005 We danced in the white cave; tried to pretend that we are the excrement in the intestines and be excreted.

38. Take For Granted Isidore Bethel (USA) 2005
Shirt escapes laundry unbeknownst to its owner.

39. Vrnitev: Sorisos Di Topolo (Smiles of Topolo) Katherine Liberovskaya (Canada) 2005 Inhabitants of Slovenian/Italian border village.

40. Minutes… Dejan Dzolev (Macedonia) 2007 Film about common life on every person.

41. Twenty-Six Randall Wakerlin (USA) One self portrait every day for a year.

42. Moustache Avi Dabach (Israel) 2007
Eli is shaving in front of the mirror, making faces to himself. What if he get stuck with one of them?

43. Frigid Contact Dejan Dzolev (Macedonia) 2008 Contact between two people who dash into one plastic adventure.

44. annche la parola uccide Gruppo Sinestetico (Italy) 2006

45. Trumped Autumn Andel, Camera: Christopher Covel, Lighting: Christopher Covel and Rick Guinan, Actors: Autumn Andel and Rick Guinan (USA) 2007 The amount of consumption does not always equal mass

46. Desensibilization (59 times should be plenty) Javier J. Plano (Argentina) 2007 We empathize with another’s pain. What happen when we see that action over and over again (59 times)?

47. Si and No Ingrid Taro (Italy / USA) 2005No right no wrong, the 2 sides of my face are in opposition, in contrast, reminding how difficult it is to understand ourselves in our eternal dialogue.

48. The Dream Androniki Rapti (Greece) 2008
A personal dream ; number 59 is the main point....
49. Extracreato Luca Acito & Dario Carmetano (Italy) 2006, Sound: Heyehela Africa. God is the creator in sixty seconds, Satan - extra-creator in 59.

50. Position 59 Javier J. Plano (Argentina) 2007 59 pesos. Section 59 in the biggest Argentinian newspaper classified ads (a.k.a. “prostitutes section”). Ad number 59…
51. Rubro 59 Damián Durán (Argentina) 2007 Be careful with your fantasies… they can become real.

52. Hypochondria Mariana Bertoldi Youssef (Brazil) 2007 Sound Atelier do Vitche After 58 diseases, a man concludes he is sick again.

53. Fly GRUPPO SINESTETICO (Italy) 2005

54. Perfect Family Project 59 (USA) 2005 with Sarah, Rosa and Yelena Lidsky, Ignat Ayzenberg and dog Laila. Every family has mementos… Sometime you have to stop breakfast to catch one.

55. The Card Game Jonah & Emma Levy (USA) 2008. The winning hand.

56. Streetymades Andrew Eyman (USA) 2004
…A sort of recycled tribute to Marcel Duchamp with Edith Piaf accompaniment.

57. Sol Invictus Alistair Gentry (UK) 2005Introduction to the video installation “His Majesty” a nocturnal play for spirits.

58. Both Ends David Lachman (USA) 2005
A meditation on burning the candle at both ends.

59. 59 Endings Andrew Eyman (USA) 2006
Video montage of endings from the Golden Era of 1950s Hollywood.


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