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"Carbunari"International Experiment Film Festival, Romania / "Carbunari”Uluslararası Deneysel Film Festivali, Romanya, 2007

F.I.F.E. 2007
Over a hundred films of art, covering, practically, all the geographical areas of the planet were projected in the Festival’s cadre of the Experimental Film organized by the Florean Museum. The manager and the initiate of the project, the plastic artist Mircea Bochis realized with this edition an event which is very rarely even in the international field and in the cultural field, too, as it is the romanian one, more sensitive to the traditonal values and expressions. The marathon projection which lasted over ten hours brought in the first plan two components which define in the fundamental way the nature and the language of the experimental film: primarily, the reflexive action, namely, the turning of the language towards itself, the instrumentation of the image as a goal and not as a mean, and secondly, the ethic vocation and the moral engagement, the reinforcement of the existence and the penalization of the history.
But, either it`s about the pure image, abstracted, the absolute narcissism of the language, or it`s about the regress of the humanity till the limit of wilderness, there are situated events like the beheading of the hostages from Irak, the stabbing of the enemies from Afghanistan, the executions through shooting in the nape from China etc. etc., events which become in a way quasi-fictional shows spied by the risk of loosing their real substance and also spied by the risk of the dispossession of the dramatic nature, the films presented keep to the end their artistic status.The films rebuild the world taking over its messages, define in another way the human being revealing his grandeur or discovering his stock of wild actions, debate upon the status of the image, of the language, of the technology etc., in the same time with the recuperation of the metaphysical tyre of the existence and with the discussion of our symbolical horizon. And the fact that, for a night, the laboratory of this new searching and artistic communication formula moved from all over the world at the Theatre from Baia Mare and represents a fundamental thing: it doesn`t exist limits of reception and of undestanding of the artistic languages, it only exists mental laziness, opacity and incapacity to create truth events.And these variants can also be found at Paris and at Baia Mare. But, the town Baia Mare proved this time that it can be even for a night a cultural centre of far-reaching.
Pavel Susara

Aprop by Aitor Echeverria (Spain)
AGN 3.10 V by Alberto Gallingani (Italy)
AGN 3V by Alberto Gallingani (Italy)
Mary’s House by Alberto Magrin (Italy)
St. Albert’ Temptations by Alberto Magrin (Italy)
Elektra Zen Suite by Alessandro Brucini (Italy)
The Relicts by Amy Cohen Banker (USA)
For Sore Eyes by Anders Weberg (Sweden)
Microloops - Hitchcock by Andrew Eyman (USA)
Microloops – film noir by Andrew Eyman (USA)
Microloops – various film and television by Andrew Eyman (USA)
Streetymades - Paris by Andrew Eyman (USA)
Streetymades - Poland by Andrew Eyman (USA)
Streetymades – Paris remix by Andrew Eyman (USA)
The End by Andrew Eyman (USA)
Visitor by Andrew Eyman (USA)
Tenda rossa / Red Theatre by Angelo Pretolani (Italy)
Angelo Riviello & David Bowie by Angelo Riviello (Italy)
LUCE! LUCE! White, Red, Green by Angelo Riviello (Italy)
Tomorrow’s holiday by Angelo Riviello (Italy)
Suonerie by Anna Olmo (Italy)
Mussi by Antonio Sassu (Italy)
ETM* by Blick (France)
Faced with by Blick (France)
Supreme of Turkeys by Blick (France)
Los Sordos del Rio Hudson by Camilo Rojas (USA)
Caliban III – Mireasa Neagra by Carmen Mavrea & Ivan Andreevici (Romania)
Frontier Mythology by Cary Peppermint & Christine Nadir (USA)
Move the rock by Cary Peppermint & Christine Nadir (USA)
Knives by Caterina Davinio (Italy)
Milady Smiles by Caterina Davinio (Italy)
Nature Obscure by Caterina Davinio (Italy)
Poem in Red by Caterina Davinio (Italy)
Accelerating the Sunset by Collin Bradford (USA)
City Marker by Daniel Bejar (USA)
White noise by Dennis Miller (USA)
Tokyo train 100 views by Derek Michael Besant (Canada)
The Dancer’s Cut by Enrique Pinuel (Spain)
Acqua by Eric Legrain (Belgium)
Block 26-2 by Eric Legrain (Belgium)
Eifel Andalouse by Eric Legrain & Marzel Maraite (Belgium)
Wallonie Tartare by Eric Legrain & Marzel Maraite (Belgium)
Free like a leaf in the wind by Eugenia Gortchakova (Germany)
Hercules by Eugenia Gortchakova (Germany)
Nana or the depth is on the surface by Eugenia Gortchakova (Germany)
Portrait of the tree by Eugenia Gortchakova (Germany)
Supermarket by Ferran Calvo (Spain)
Advanced Chill by Flame Schon (USA)
Meta-Text-Asy by Flame Schon (USA)
Pyre by Flame Schon (USA)
Salaam by George Chicano Rivera Sarab (USA)
Dejavu by Gianfranco Donato & Valentina Saija (Italy)
El Agua by Gladys Laura Alvarez (Argentina)
Caos by Gruppo Sinestetico (Italy)
Juegos by Ileana Andrea Gomez Gavinoser (Argentina)
Videopoemas by Ileana Andrea Gomez Gavinoser (Argentina)
Tango Russe by Ira Eduardovna (USA)
No title by Ivan Mirkovski (Austria)
A Straight Line Through Time by Jane Marcia (Australia)
Current by Jean – Francois Lanthier (Canada)
Sampling by Jean – Francois Lanthier (Canada)
Scotchez moi fort by Jean-Yves Corre (France)
Their Circumstances by JiHyun Ahn (USA)
In the Box by Jon Rubin (USA)
Portrait by Jose Carrasco (Spain)
Paradise by Kevin Evensen (USA)
Splendor by Kevin Evensen (USA)
24 hours ago by Lello Lopez (Italy)
Ciro Cortese di Cimitile (CE) by Lello Lopez (Italy)
Teacher Concetta R.L. born 1927 by Lello Lopez (Italy)
The dream of Salvatore Poliphemus by Lello Lopez (Italy)
Cerca de mi by Lemeh 42 (Italy)
Slithering by Lisa Yachia (Italy)
Untitled by Luca Curci (Italy)
Broken Spell by Magda Matwiejew (Australia)
A Enrico, il mio mito by Mario Pischedda (Italy)
Fantastico Vecchietto by Mario Pischedda (Italy)
L’infinito by Mario Pischedda (Italy)
Omaggio ad Erula by Mario Pischedda (Italy)
Preludio by Mario Pischedda (Italy)
Savonatorinosavona by Mario Pischedda (Italy)
S’attitidu by Mario Pischedda (Italy)
Untitled in case no 01 by Markus Oberndorfer (Austria)
Untitled in case no 02 by Markus Oberndorfer (Austria)
Untitled in case no 03 by Markus Oberndorfer (Austria)
The sense of the sea by Mauricio Mayorga (Colombia)
Steps by Maya Zignone (Italy)
Indifferent by Nadia Perotta (Italy)
Memories and Disorders by Nadia Perotta (Italy)
Garden of Eden by Nijole Valadkeviciute (Lithuania)
In your dreams by Nijole Valadkeviciute (Lithuania)
Midnight by Nijole Valadkeviciute (Lithuania)
No smoking! by Nijole Valadkeviciute (Lithuania)
Will you have a cup of cofee by Nijole Valadkeviciute (Lithuania)
The Waves by Pablo Llorca (Spain)
Berlin - Urban Intervention by Patricia Ward (Germany)
Dead or Alive by Rebecca Conroy (USA)
Skip by Rebecca Conroy (USA)
The Puki Procession by Reynolds (USA)
Fish by Richard del Rosso (USA)
Five Minutes Only for You by Rino Telaro (Belgium)
Der Berlin Gehemeiniszug by Robert H. Butler (USA)
Adamaris by Rocio Barcia (Argentina)
The birth by Rocio Barcia (Argentina)
Underwood by Ruggero Maggi (Italy)
Via Crisis by Silvio De Gracia (Argentina)
Then - now by Simon Ellis (UK)
After The Sheep by Sinasi Gunes (Turkey)
H. M. Blues by Suwan Methapisit (Thailand)
Somebody Else’s Spaces 12 / 12 by Vladimir Rankovic (Serbia)
Bareback – serial DIScharge by Wilfried Agricola de Cologne (Germany)
Urban.early Sunday morning_raw by Wilfried Agricola de Cologne (Germany)
Suspense by Yael Lepek (Mexico)

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