23 Kasım 2008 Pazar

RRF2005 /VideoChannel, Selfportrait / RRF2005 /VideoKanal, Kendi Portresi Videoları, “Groundworks” Regina Gouger Miller Galerisi, Pittsburg, ABD, 2005

“SelfPortrait by VideoChannel –
a compilation of 19 videos curated by Agricola de Cologne issued on occasion of the installation at “Groundworks” - 14 October - 11 December 2005 at Regina Gouger Miller Gallery at Carnegie Mellon University Pittsburg in 2006 the selfportrait videos became part of the media art show and were extended through more videos - see listed further ahead—>://selfpotrtrait - a show for Bethlehem - a show for Peace( http://self.engad.org/ )and the collection is extended by some new videos on this occasion.
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1. André Austvoll (Norway)2. Clare Ultimo (USA)3. Reuben James Preston (UK)4. Vince Briffa (Malta)5. Agricola de Cologne (Germany6. Lee Welch (Ireland)7. Giovanni Antignano (Italy)8. Michael Szpakowski (UK)9. Oliver Griem (South Korea)
10. Sinasi Gunes (Turkey)11. Nita Mocanu (Romania)12. Eileen Bonner (UK)13. Jack Messenger & Chirstinn Whyte (UK)14. Jen Ross (UK)15. Cynthia Whelan (UK)16. Donald Bousted (UK)17. Andi Wallwhore (USA))18. Svetlana (USA)19. Christina McPhee (USA)20. Alice Arnold (USA)

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