27 Kasım 2008 Perşembe

Pheonix Bayannale Multimedia Exhibition, Oakland CA, USA / Pheonix Bayannale Multimedia Sergisi, Oakland CA, ABD, 2006

Pheonix, A transformative Multi Media Co-creation@ Ghost Town Galleries 2519 San Pablo, Oakland CA
May 20 9pm to 3am $15-$20 donationsMay 21 3pm to 6pm donate what you will Performances by:Servo-live "Legendary", (Beta Bodega Coalition, Phonoforum)Safety Scissors-live (~scape, Proptronix)The Evolution Control Committee (Seeland, ECC)Catfive (William Kiernan Records)DJinx (Nommo Ogo)Agitate, S.P.A.Z.Nullwerk, from Sacramento KEE BEEZHE DA DON +Visual Collaboration with:Antonello Matarazzo, Italy Groupo Sinestetico, Italy Sinasi Gunes, Turkey Corrine Sklar, San Francisco Shalom, Berkeley and other Bay Area Artists and Performers* All proceeds benefit Cooperative roots
( http://www.cooperativeroots.org/ ),
( http://www.bayennale.com/ )
and Pied Piper Project ...all Working toward Sustainability and Community ReBirth.

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