27 Kasım 2008 Perşembe

"Carbunari"International Experiment Film Festival, Romania / "Carbunari”Uluslararası Deneysel Film Festivali, Romanya, 2006

Circulating Currents by Promofest (Spain)
DVD by Promofest (Spain)
Four hours in Shatila by Promofest (Spain)
To love by Promofest (Spain)
Twice by Promofest (Spain)
Distortion Projected by Agricola De Cologne (Germany)
Home so near, Home so far by Agricola De Cologne (Germany)
House of Tomorrow by Agricola De Cologne (Germany)
Inability of Being Nude by Agricola De Cologne (Germany)
Message from behind a Wall by Agricola De Cologne (Germany)
Truth – paradise Found by Agricola De Cologne (Germany)
S.O.S. by Alessandra Arno (Italy)
Stars by Alessandra Arno (Italy)
The Carpentrial Son by Ane Lan (Norway)
Muro Quick Time by Antonio Sassu (Italy)
Mussi by Antonio Sassu (Italy)
Doesn`t matter that I followed the rules… by Benjamin Bellas (USA)
I never want loving you to become ordinary… by Benjamin Bellas (USA)
I was determined to make you love me; by Benjamin Bellas (USA)
I was so focused on looking at you at my past… by Benjamin Bellas (USA)
These conversations initiated via walks after work… by Benjamin Bellas (USA)
Rooms (1) observation by Bernd Fischer (Germany)
Grit by Brigid Burke (Australia)
Illuminated Breath by Brigid Burke (Australia)
Petals Scream by Brigid Burke (Australia)
The begin: First seven minutes by Carlo Venturi (Italy)
Necklace of Infinite Possibility by Carole Driver (Australia)
I am Only a Shadow by Christiane Chaponniere (France)
Bishop, CA by David Horvitz (USA)
Circles and Rounds by Dennis Miller (USA)
A birth by Ella Sipho (USA)
At The End Of A Rainbow by Gunter Puller (Austria)
Yellow Pages by Gunter Puller (Austria)
Calling the memory by Horst Baur (Germany)
Heroes by Horst Baur (Germany)
Cosmos en Formacion by Ileana Andrea Gomez Gavinoser (Argentina)
Artistii foamei by Ivan Andreevici Carmen Mavrea (Romania)
Dante a lu Gheri by Ivan Andreevici Carmen Mavrea (Romania)
Rapita din serai by Ivan Andreevici Carmen Mavrea (Romania)
A:Gender – Film 10 by Joey Hateley (UK)
A:Gender – Film 11 by Joey Hateley (UK)
A:Gender – Film 12 by Joey Hateley (UK)
A:Gender – Film 13 by Joey Hateley (UK)
A:Gender – Film 2 by Joey Hateley (UK)
A:Gender – Film 3 by Joey Hateley (UK)
A:Gender – Film 4 by Joey Hateley (UK)
A:Gender – Film 5 by Joey Hateley (UK)
A:Gender – Film 6 by Joey Hateley (UK)
A:Gender – Film 7 by Joey Hateley (UK)
A:Gender – Film 8 by Joey Hateley (UK)
A:Gender – Film 9 by Joey Hateley (UK)
Face to Face by Kika Nicolela (Brazil)
Chaosmos Ritornello by Koji and Ko Kawai and Yamashita (Japan)
Ancient Rhythm by Lane Last (USA)
Slow Eyes by Lane Last (USA)
Ancient Rhythm by last Lane (USA)
Flickering Universe by Last Lane (USA)
Sir Isaacs One Good Eye by Last Lane (USA)
Structural Myopia by Last Lane (USA)
Defragged by Margit Nobis (Austria)
VI. 123 by Maya Zignone (Italy)
Where are you by Maya Zignone (Italy)
The Hong Kong Showcasr by Michael Brynntrup (Germany)
State of being by Michael Nilsson (Sweden)
Genesis by Neil Howe (Australia)
Blacklist by Nijole Valadkeviciute (Lithuania)
Fakir by Nijole Valadkeviciute (Lithuania)
Mouse in a square by Nijole Valadkeviciute (Lithuania)
Ceremonies by Piotr Steczek (Poland)
Interior by Piotr Steczek (Poland)
Dumagat of Palanan, Isabela by Robert A. Alejandro (Philippines)
I am the Slogan by Rosa Marie Frang (Denmark)
Chekhov by Sean Burn (UK)
Stealing brecht by Sean Burn (UK)
The terror we create by Sean Burn (UK)
Stigmata by Silvio De Garcia (Argentina)
Anatolia by Sinasi Gunes (Turkey)
Censored by Sinestetico Gruppo (Italy)
Escape Routes Have Been Sealed Off by Stacy Pawlowich (Canada)
Slice – A visceral dissection by Su-En Butoh Company (Sweden)
Self Sufficiency by Suwan Methapisit (Thailand)
The Art Reception by Ulf Kristiansen (Norway)
Flesh (Felsh) by Valentin Partenie (Romania)
Natura (Nature) by Valentin Partenie (Romania)
Olarul (The Potter) by Valentin Partenie (Romania)
Other Place by Vesna Milicevic-Cvorovic (Serbia and Montenegro)
"36:55:17 / 4 elements" homage a Alexander Skrjabin, op. 137,1-4 / 2006 by Wittwulf Malik (Germany)
The Shape of Memory by Zach Poff (USA)

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